Sprite® Rolls out New Flavour; Reveals New Look in Vietnam

2:41:37 PM | 3/17/2023

SPRITE®, the undisputed leading lemon-lime soda under the beverage portfolio of Coca-Cola Vietnam, launches its now more irresistibly delicious lemon-lime taste in a new bold look — highlighting the ultimate cut-through thirst-quenching experience that only Sprite® can deliver.

The successful launch of the Sprite ‘Heat Happens’ global platform in 2022 encouraged people to ‘stay cool’ in tension-driven or physically heated moments. Leaning on the insight that people, especially the Gen Z-ers, live in a more heated world than ever, Sprite actively invited people to enjoy a refreshing ice-cold Sprite drink and keep their cool instead.

This year, the brand delivers an upgraded multi-sensorial experience to people by focusing on this iconic drink's new, intensely fizzy and delicious taste. Reinforcing the cut-through refreshing qualities of the lemon-lime drink, Sprite aims to wow the audience and their taste buds. Sprite highlights the intense carbonation and thirst-quenching taste through the bubbles, condensation, and lemon-lime visual cues as well as audio cues of the ice clinking, the sound of a can opening, and the bubbles fizzing in its campaign – ultimately letting the product and its refreshment cues do the talking.

“Our ambition to cool down people through multi-channel and sensorial experiences will be realised through the new ‘Irresistible Taste’ campaign. What we want is to show – not just tell – people why Sprite® has that ‘irresistible taste’. We are quite excited to roll out the activities we have in store throughout the year, so be on the watch out for that,” Mr. Lê Trung Tín, Marketing Manager Vietnam, shared.

Recently, Sprite held the SPRITE - MÁT LẠNH CỰC ĐÃ (SPRITE - EXTREMELY COOL) event at Aeon Mall Tan Phu (Ho Chi Minh City) on March 11 and 12, bringing the first multi-sensorial experience with new Sprite products to consumers. Thousands of people have immersed themselves in the green space of Sprite’s “studio” and experienced a cool 360-degree video recording with ice-cold Sprite cans. Event participants also stimulated all senses when participating in the HOT 100 Degree arena, testing their composure to “stay cool” before hard games, and watching cool performances by singer MONO. Besides, everyone can enjoy the irresistibly new taste of Sprite at the Instant Cooling Station and save memorable moments with their friends in the check-in photo area with many attractive gifts.

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)