Vietnam: Sensing Energy in Seven Mountains

9:04:10 AM | 4/25/2023

Seven Mountains is a group of seven mountains in the Southwest region of Vietnam. According to legends, each mountain has its own meaning and joins together to form a perfect geomancy system. Among seven mountains, Cam Mountain is considered a converging place of life force and a sacredness for Buddhist beliefs.

At the foot of Cam Mountain lies a construction that is considered a new symbol for the development there: An Hao Solar Park. Not only being a power plant, but this place was also invested to become a safari-styled tourist site. This project is actively helping the development of this place.

“The presence of the solar power plant, as well as the Sao Mai An Hao Solar tourist area, has completely changed this place. In previous years, it was difficult for the most optimistic people to imagine that this place could form a modern energy production area and a bustling tourist area like today,” a local resident said.

Fortunately, the investor (Sao Mai Group) saw the potential of Seven Mountains and tried to turn this place into a modern clean industry and service area. Landscape items around the solar farm were built to create a distinctive contrast. Majestic mountains and surrounding ponds and lakes form a "charming landscape" and bring great experiences to all visitors.

“I feel like stepping into another world when I set foot here. Everything is alive and perfectly developing," a visitor said.

Without a doubt, the An Hao solar power plant and tourist area are proof of the investor’s ongoing efforts to bring value in a clean, green tourist environment to us.

Bach Anh (Vietnam Business Forum)