Herbalife Vietnam Supports Vietnam Paralympic Association in Organising the Send-Off Ceremony for Para-athletes Bound for 2023 ASEAN Para Games in Cambodia

2:28:05 PM | 5/18/2023

Herbalife Vietnam collaborated with the Vietnam Paralympic Association (VPA) to organize a send-off ceremony for Vietnamese para-athletes, coaches, and officers bound for the 2023 ASEAN Para Games in Cambodia. 128 para-athletes will compete in 8 sports at this year's ASEAN Para Games organized in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

At the ceremony, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism leader delivered high-spirited speeches, assigned tasks, boosted the morale of the Vietnamese para-sport delegation, as well as congratulated their departure on competing at the games.

As part of Herbalife's long-standing nutrition sponsorship for VPA, the Herbalife team will also be present at the tournament to provide nutritional advice and product support to the delegation throughout the games. Moreover, Herbalife Vietnam's representatives will join Vietnam's sports delegation to help motivate and give spot awards to all athletes who claim gold medals at the 2023 ASEAN Para Games.

Mr. Vu Van Thang, General Manager for Herbalife Vietnam and Cambodia, said: "We are strongly inspired by the resilience, strong determination and dedication of our para-athletes who have always overcome adversity and difficulties to achieve impressive results and bring glory to the country. We are very proud of our partnership with VPA through which we have continuously provided top para-athletes with science-based nutrition products to help them increase their energy and strength. With high spirit, good preparation, and balanced nutrition, we believe our para-athletes will garner incredible performances at this regional important sporting tournament."

Mr. Tran Duc Tho, General Secretary of the VPA, said: "I would like to thank our valuable partner, Herbalife Vietnam, for collaborating with us in organizing this Send-Off Ceremony. The continuous support of Herbalife Vietnam always has an important role in helping our athletes to have the best preparation in important sporting tournaments like the 2023 ASEAN Para Games. Herbalife's high-quality and science-based products help our para-athletes improve and sustain their strength and stamina to unleash their potentials to achieve the best results. I am also very impressed that Herbalife Vietnam's representatives will join our sports delegation at the tournament to motivate and boost our para-athletes' spirit by presenting spot awards to all para-athletes who win gold medals.”

Herbalife Nutrition provides a complete nutrition product support package to Vietnam's para-athletes. The sponsorship includes: Herbalife 24 Rebuild Strength; Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport; Herbalife 24 Hydrate; N-R-G Tea; Personalized Protein Powder.

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)