Garco Haphong: A well-Established Brand

8:40:34 AM | 9/2/2023

Ha Phong Garment Export Joint Stock Company (Garco Haphong) was established in 2007 in Doan Bai commune, Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province. Despite challenging market fluctuations, Garco Haphong has established and affirmed its brand and position in the garment market through its audacity, intelligence and passion. The company has contributed to the socioeconomic development of the province and played an important role in the overall development of Vietnam’s textile and garment industry.

Mr. Nguyen Van Khanh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Garco Haphong

On this steady development journey, Garco Haphong has been certified among the Top 50 largest garment firms in Vietnam and Top 1000 taxpayers in Vietnam. The company has employed over 7,500 employees whose average monthy individual income is over VND10 million. For many years, the firm has always strived to create a good cooperative relationship with its partners for mutual interests and constantly developed its business to introduce modern fashion trends into diversified garment products to meet international standards. Garco Haphong is currently a strategic, reliable partner of many famous fashion brands in the world such as Gap, Carter, JCP, Chico s, Levis, Wal-Mart, Foot-locker, Mango, Zara, C&A and Li-Fung with growing year-on-year revenue. The company’s products are present in many famous and fastidious markets such as the US, Europe and many countries around the world.

Mr. Nguyen Van Khanh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Garco Haphong, said: "Technology investment is a key deciding factor to the success of every business because advanced, premium products are always favored in the market. To boost its production performance, the company recently invested nearly VND270 billion in modern machinery and production lines to improve product quality. Besides, the company has boosted its trade promotion and product advertisement, expanded consumption markets and signed business contracts with partners.” Garco Haphong has made this factor its development goal. The boldly large-scale investment and the continuous application of modern technology to production to create differentiated products of high value have boosted its business performance and ensured sustainable business growth. Especially by applying Technology 4.0 to manufacturing factory control and investing in equipment and machinery to program, specialize and automate production stages has helped improve labor productivity, slash management cost and lower product cost. With its steadfast approach to business strategy, the company has constantly enhanced its strengths and strived for deeper and broader integration in the international market, which also shows a meaningful strategic operating mindset of leaders.

In addition, Garco Haphong pays special attention to training and developing human resources, improving professional qualifications for employees and improving and forming the best working environment for employees. Being aware that employees are the nucleus for development, Garco Haphong will continue to invest more in production and business, take care and apply priority policies for employees.

Mr. Duong Van Thai, Secretary of Bac Giang Provincial Party Committee, pays a working visit to Ha Phong Garment Export Joint Stock Company

Every year, Garco Haphong hosts employee conferences; signs collective labor agreements; implements regulations on working coordination of the Executive Board of the Trade Union and the Board of Directors of the Company to build harmonious, stable and progressive labor relations. The company always effectively implements employee regimes, policies and benefits such as applying the Law on Occupational Safety and Health, social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance. Furthermore, to build a strong and excellent trade union, the Executive Board of the Trade Union of Garco Haphong usually carries out propaganda, political and ideological education for unionists and employees to firmly grasp Party guidelines, State policies and laws as well as the company’s internal regulations. The board successfully organizes emulation movements such as "Good labor, creative labor", "Green, clean, beautiful and guaranteed occupational safety and health" and "Skill training and workmanship contests" to create an exciting emulative atmosphere among managers, unionists and employees. The Executive Board of the Trade Union actively advises the Board of Directors to expand production and business to provide more jobs and higher incomes for employees. Therefore, the annual income of employees has grown year after year. By forming a good working environment, Garco Haphong has attracted many capable managers and skilled workers in the garment industry to work for it for a long time.

Enlightened by the operating principle of "Promoting the spirit of solidarity, overcoming challenges and making breakthrough development", despite facing numerous difficulties in the way, the company has managed to achieve outstanding business performance. In 2022, the total labor cost was over VND1,000 billion; sales revenue grew by 9.9% year on year; export value advanced 2.7%; pre-tax profit rose 0.9% to VND410 billion; and corporate income tax increased 15.2% over 2021.

With its ongoing efforts, Garco Haphong has been honorably presented various titles and certificates of merit by the Bac Giang Provincial People’s Committee such as the “Outstanding Business in 2019 - 2022,” “Typical company for employees in 2017 - 2022”, “Company with excellent patriotic emulation achievements in 2022”; by the Ministry of Industry and Trade such as “Reputable exporter”; and by the Vietnam Social Security with the certificate of merit for achievements in implementing social insurance policies in 2017 - 2022. These awards and recognitions are inspirational for the leadership and all the staff of the company to further uphold its dynamism and creativity with the message “Capturing the trend, opening the door", reaffirm the strategy to become one of leading garment companies in Vietnam, unite to find new solutions, cooperate with customers and partners, and stay sharp in investment strategy and elastic in operation, endeavor to overcome difficulties to achieve sustainable development. Garco Haphong will continue to apply new technologies to production and business to improve investment outcome and expand the market while being consistent with its green, sustainable and environmentally friendly growth goals and taking good care of employs.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum