Herbalife Vietnam, Life and Health Newspaper Team Up to Promote Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyles

2:52:33 PM | 9/6/2023

Herbalife Vietnam, a premier health and wellness company and community, is supporting the Life and Health Newspaper under the Ministry of Health to organize the “Better Me” contest for the second time. Better Me inspires people to become better versions of themselves and achieve long-term wellness goals. The contest is open to all Vietnamese citizens aged 18 and over.

There are  three round of competition, which  challenges participants to constantly make positive physical changes based on the knowledge they learn and the exercises they do over three months. Specifically, the participants must  answer questions on nutrition, exercise and sports. They will have chances to interact with experts and share ways they transformed their body for the best. The contest was first launched in 2022 and attracted over 1,000 participants from around the country.

Mr. Vu Van Thang, General Manager for Herbalife Vietnam and Cambodia, said: “The great results of last year’s  Better Me Contest led to our ongoing  collaboration with Life and Health Newspaper to launching the contest for the second time. We hope the contest will again attract great responses  this year, and the participants not only improve themselves physically, but also inspire many others to follow suit.”

According to the Vietnam National Institute of Nutrition, the country has about 12.5 million new cases of people with hypertension, 3.5 million people with diabetes, and 2 million people with cardiovascular diseases each year due to nutritional imbalance and a lack of physical activities and sports. In addition, according to a survey by the Ministry of Health, 28.7% of the Vietnamese population face with health risks due to lack of exercise*.

Mr Tran Tuan Linh, Editor-In-Chief of Life and Health Newspaper, said: “What we eat and how we exercise every day have a direct impact on our health and well-being. The Better Me contest is really helpful in encouraging people to build healthy habits of consuming balanced nutrition and taking regular exercise to have better physiques. We really appreciate the long-term collaboration from Herbalife in initiatives aimed at promoting healthy, active lifestyles and helping people live their best lives”. 

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)