Viet Nam Among World’s Most Welcoming Countries

9:36:43 AM | 9/14/2023

Viet Nam ranks ninth among the world's 10 most welcoming countries, according to an annual survey by Expat Insider of the international organization InterNations.

Politeness and respect are important parts of Vietnamese culture, so it makes sense that visitors find Viet Nam to be a welcoming country, reads the survey. 

Though there is a language barrier, foreign visitors to Viet Nam always receive smiles from locals.

"Locals will want to interact and engage with them to make them feel welcome," it added.

The website of the largest global community for people living abroad assessed that the friendliness shown towards foreign residents, rated positively by 83 percent, generally has a positive impact on expats’ well-being. 

The survey interviewed a total of 12,000 expats living in 174 countries and territories around the world. Among the Top 10 most welcoming countries are five Asian countries, including two in the Southeast Asian region.

Other destinations on the list were Canada, Colombia, Oman, Costa Rica, Bahrain, Mexico, Taiwan and Portugal.

Earlier, prestigious international travel magazine Far & Wide placed Viet Nam in fifth position on its list of the 10 friendliest nation in the world.  The country has largely recovered from historical periods of war, with a friendly atmosphere welcoming foreign visitors among local people now common nationwide. Indeed, expats typically praise the nation’s “friendly vibe” and “nice and gentle” locals.

Source: VGP