Advancing Professional Standards in Public Notarization

9:47:24 AM | 9/21/2023

Notarization is a vital public service that facilitates economic growth, social stability and international integration. The number and quality of notary agencies and notary officers have improved significantly, providing more professional notary services for individuals, organizations and enterprises in various notarial acts. They also help enhance legal awareness and foster the use of legal instruments to safeguard legitimate rights and interests.

Processing notarization and authentication documents by notaries and other professionals at Binh Phuoc Province’s Notary Office No. 01

Binh Phuoc province is a key player in the new economic corridor and one of the eight provinces in the Southern Key Economic Region. As the province progresses in socioeconomic development, the demand for the notarization of transaction contracts has risen and more notary agencies and notaries public are operating in the province.

There are currently 42 notarial practice organizations in Binh Phuoc province (including Notary Office No. 01 and 41 other notary offices) with 91 registered notaries. In 2022, they handled 470,210 cases, generated a total revenue of VND176 billion and contributed nearly VND18 billion to the state budget. Their operations and services are becoming more professional and efficient. Notary Office No. 01 of Binh Phuoc province is a leading self-governing expert in notary services and authentication services authorized by the state to ensure legal security for contract parties and transactions; prevent disputes; protect legitimate rights and interests of individuals and organizations; and support local socioeconomic stability and development.

Notary Office No. 01 of Binh Phuoc province was founded on January 10, 1997 under Decision 135/QD-UB of the Binh Phuoc Provincial People’s Committee and converted into a non-business unit by Decision 2651/QD-UBND dated December 24, 2007. After 25 years of development, the Office has evolved into a more professional and modern organization, serving the notarization needs of individuals, organizations and businesses effectively. With a staff of qualified, experienced and well-trained notaries and employees, who uphold the tradition cultivated by previous generations, the Office has become a reliable and preferred destination and “brand” for individuals, organizations and businesses who require notarization or authentication.

With the service principle “for customer benefits”, the Office performs notarization and authentication of 30 contracts and civil transactions per day on average. Common transactions include notarization of contracts of sale, transfer and donation of houses and land-use rights; notarization of wills and testaments; and notarization of authorization contracts and power of attorney. The notarization and certification of contracts and transactions are carried out swiftly and promptly, meeting the increasing demand for notarization and authentication. This helps protect legitimate rights and interests of the contract parties as well as reduce disputes and risks arising among the parties involved.

In the future, to enhance the role of notarization as a better protection tool for individuals, organizations, and businesses and contribute positively to local socio-economic development, Notary Office No. 01 of Binh Phuoc province will continue to reform and improve its service quality. It will play a leading role in the notary sector and provide basic and essential public services of higher standards. The Office will upgrade the competence of notaries, professional officers, and other staff members in legal knowledge and professional skills of notarization and authentication. This will help ensure legal security for transaction contracts and notarized and authenticated documents. In the context of increasing socialization, besides focusing on notarial services, Notary Office No. 01 of Binh Phuoc province will also pay attention to manners and attitudes towards individuals, organizations, and businesses. The Office aims to make customers comfortable and confident, build up their trust, and offer professional services earning their highest satisfaction.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum