National Conference of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs and Business Associations

7:06:32 PM | 10/10/2023

The program aims to inspire the spirit of Vietnamese entrepreneurs and business associations, enhance solidarity and cooperation among the entrepreneurial and business sectors, communicate and disseminate the Party’s policies and new content in the Politburo’s Resolution on building and developing the entrepreneurial team in the new period, and create a forum for senior officials of the Party and State and representatives of entrepreneurs, enterprises and business associations to meet, exchange views and discuss solutions for building the entrepreneurial team and advancing the country.

The program consists of two main events: the National Conference of Business Associations and Entrepreneurs 2023 and the Celebration of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs’ Day. During these events, representatives of business associations and entrepreneurs will present and discuss solutions to promote the role of the business community as well as strengthen collaboration between business associations and businesses.

The program will also announce and award prizes in the songwriting competition “Pride of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs” organized by VCCI in coordination with the Vietnam Musicians’ Association. The competition was launched on March 16, 2023, and received submissions until July 31, 2023. The Entrepreneurial Culture Center under VCCI was responsible for providing advice and serving as the focal point to assist the VCCI Executive Board in organizing the competition.
As of July 31, 2023, the organizing committee received 347 entries from 320 composers for the competition. Among them, 213 are professional musicians, 90 come from various other professions, and 17 are entrepreneurs. The age range of the composers is from 30 to 85 years old. The jury selected 23 outstanding songs from the submissions and the VCCI Executive Board further narrowed down the list to the three best songs that met the contest criteria. The chosen song conveyed the patriotism, heroism, and spirit of solidarity of Vietnamese businessmen, as well as their determination to build a strong and prosperous country. The song also had a melody that was appropriate for official ceremonies involving businesses and entrepreneurs.

The organizing committee reported that the competition received enthusiastic support from entrepreneurs, businesses, business associations and industry associations. The competition’s greatest achievement was the creation of 23 excellent works dedicated to entrepreneurs, a topic that has been relatively scarce in the past. The organizing committee hopes that this will contribute to encouraging and uplifting the spirit of Vietnam’s entrepreneurial team - the economic warriors and the backbone of the national economy.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum