DDCI Lang Son Empowering the Business Community

2:34:10 PM | 11/8/2023

Lang Son province welcomes and values the feedback, assessments, and constructive inputs from enterprises, cooperatives, and business households. Their insights and survey results serve as invaluable resources for provincial leaders to shape policies and strategies that address challenges and obstacles within the business environment. The province’s commitment is to collaborate with the business community to foster a transparent and favorable investment climate.

Prominent entrepreneurs and businesses are recognized and honored for their contributions to the growth of Lang Son province

While further carrying out the program of improving the business investment environment and raising the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), Lang Son province adopted the District and Department Competitiveness Index (DDCI) in 2023 by soliciting and synthesizing opinions of the business community, cooperatives, and business households on the working quality of administrative agencies at all levels. The survey program was implemented by Indochina Survey, an independent research expert group, in collaboration with the Department of Planning and Investment, the Lang Son Business Association, provincial agencies, district-level governments and relevant bodies province-wide. DDCI was built on a dynamic and creative economy, expressing the aspirations of the government and business community to work better with a more attentive attitude and deeper mutual understanding.

In 2023, Lang Son has further strengthened administrative discipline, enhanced responsibility and performance of service to people and businesses, and continued reforms for a better PCI Index. The province has also been determined to build an enabling government and make the private economy an important driving force of economic development. The DDCI Index is aimed for the closest and most representative assessments to figure out strengths and weaknesses of each department, sector and locality in economic governance. Lang Son also expects the DDCI Index to be a measurement tool to promote stronger reforms at all levels of government to better serve people and businesses.

Despite being only a “reference” data, DDCI is very important. The province sincerely receives all objective assessments from the business community. Seriously trying to address all shortcomings, the province expects to make DDCI a leverage to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of local sustainable governance. Doing so, the province is expected to create the image of an open, transparent, favorable investment and business environment and become a trustworthy destination for investors and businesses.

According to the plan, companies, business associations, cooperatives and business households will fill out the survey on assessments of economic governance of departments, branches, districts, and towns. Respondents are expected to be about 6,600 businesses, cooperatives and business households across the province.

The Lang Son Department of Planning and Investment hopes to receive cooperation and participation from your company/agency by filling out the attached survey form, according to the postal code of cash on delivery (COD) to the recipient: 10CCTYINDOCHINATT6049; Address 114089 Hai Ba Trung Service Center, 811 Giai Phong, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City (Your letters will be sent back to the above postal code, completely free of charge) or send the survey via email: ddcilangson2023@gmail.com.

For any queries or require clarification while completing the questionnaire, please reach out to us via telephone at (024) 6258.5860 or 0961.375.988. The Department of Planning and Investment maintains a strict commitment to preserving the confidentiality of respondent identities and safeguarding private information, with no disclosure to any organization or individual.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum