Advancing New-Style Rural Areas: Substantive and Efficacious

10:08:43 AM | 11/16/2023

Binh Luc district in Ha Nam province, situated in the downstream region of the Red River Delta, grapples with challenging terrain, characterized by low-lying lands ill-suited for cultivation. Nevertheless, with over a decade of resolute dedication to the new-style rural development program, Binh Luc has transcended these adversities and witnessed the emergence of thriving economic models on its low-lying expanses, resulting in a greener, more aesthetically pleasing, and more expansive landscape.

Binh Luc district adopts innovative and productive models, contributing to its consistent socio-economic growth

In 2019, Binh Luc earned recognition as a new-style rural district. Over the past four years, the endeavor to build advanced rural areas in Binh Luc has generated a pronounced and far-reaching impact, eliciting enthusiastic participation and engagement from individuals across the entire district. Notably, cooperatives have not only played a pivotal role in the organization of production activities but have also significantly transformed the rural landscape during the period of integration.

Promoting the utilization of science and technology

In the course of implementing the new rural development program in Binh Luc district, agricultural cooperatives have assumed a crucial role in the transformation of crop structures, facilitating the integration of production and product consumption, and boosting the income of residents. This concerted effort has been instrumental in ushering in a fundamental metamorphosis in the rural milieu.

An Ninh commune stands as a shining example of a locality that achieved early success in the new rural development program. The An Ninh Agricultural Service Cooperative, distinguished by its numerous achievements, consistently leads the way in guiding its members through agricultural production activities. Ms. Ha Thi Luc, the Director of the Cooperative, revealed that in 2018, the Cooperative, boasting more than 1,000 members, engaged in agricultural production across an expanse exceeding 289 hectares, dedicated over 10 hectares to farm activities, with 5 hectares designated for orange cultivation. These cooperatives serve as vital links connecting members with businesses.

However, the crux of the matter lies in the application of science and technology to promote production and economic development, thereby elevating the reputation of agricultural products crafted by farmers. The commune has proactively established partnerships with businesses engaged in the production and procurement of agricultural products for export. Furthermore, it has cooperated with departments and branches of Ha Nam province to embark on initiatives aimed at producing clean agricultural products, registering product quality and trade branding, and acquiring geographical indications. "In 2022, An Ninh's Bac Thom rice Product No. 7 achieved recognition as a safe product and was certified as a VietGAP product. Other products such as pumpkins, bananas and grapefruits have been showcased at exhibitions featuring provinces in the Red River Delta and are eligible for transactions on e-commerce platforms," reported Ms. Ha Thi Luc.

Mr. Le Trong Luyen, Secretary of the An Ninh Commune Party Committee, noted that the average annual income per person nears VND65 million. The quality of life for residents is progressively improving, with greater substance, and household economies are evolving sustainably while preserving the environment. This development serves as the foundation for the commune's government, which confidently registered with the district and province to effectively execute the roadmap for the creation of advanced new rural areas. "We are resolute in our belief that the commune will attain the enhanced new rural area status, acting as a catalyst for holistic advancements in both the quality and quantity of local development. In addition to the government's determination and commitment, the unity of the people serves as a compelling driving force for the accomplishment of our objectives," affirmed Mr. Luyen.

Agricultural cooperatives, in tandem with their self-innovation endeavors, have gained broader access to state-supported policies, which include training, trade promotion, support for new cooperative formations, infrastructure construction, and equipment provision for preliminary processing and product refinement. As a result, numerous agricultural cooperatives have embraced the notion of establishing extensive commodity production chains, generating additional employment opportunities, and augmenting the income of farmers.

Binh Luc district’s socio-economic condition consistently grows steadily, enhancing people’s living standards and ensuring social welfare

Striving for advanced new rural status by 2025

At present, Binh Luc district boasts two communes that have achieved model new rural area status, while two communes have attained advanced new rural area recognition. Additionally, six communes are diligently working towards achieving advanced new rural area recognition by 2023, with the remaining communes fulfilling between 13 and 15 criteria for advanced new rural area designation. The overarching objective for the entire district is to fulfill the criteria and meet the advanced rural area standards by 2025. Within the district, six communes have obtained VietGAP and OCOP certifications for their products, five communes offer traceable products, and four traditional craft villages have devised conservation and development plans. The district is home to 62 cooperatives engaged in agriculture and handicrafts.

According to Le Xuan Huy, the Secretary of Binh Luc District Party Committee, the commitment to creating new rural areas and advanced new rural areas aligns perfectly with the aspirations of the people. Consequently, Binh Luc has recently made substantial efforts to implement a comprehensive set of solutions for socio-economic development while simultaneously refining the criteria for establishing new rural areas and advanced rural areas.

To this end, the project for transforming Binh Luc district to meet advanced rural standards for the period 2022-2025 has been expedited and encompasses all 17 communes and towns within the area. Of these, 14 communes have designed advanced rural area projects. The two communes that have already achieved model rural area status will continue to enhance their criteria in accordance with new regulations. Binh My town has commenced the development of a civilized urban area, aspiring to have at least 10 communes acknowledged as meeting advanced rural area standards by 2025, with Binh My town achieving the status of a civilized urban area. The two communes of Vu Ban and An Do have already achieved model rural area status.

In the forthcoming period, the district will persevere in directing and executing solutions to foster socio-economic development. The focus will be on stimulating production, promoting economic restructuring, nurturing the trade and handicraft industry, reinforcing cooperation and collaboration, establishing models, harnessing scientific and technological advances, fostering market-linked production, augmenting productivity, and enhancing product quality, efficiency, and value, with the ultimate aim of boosting people's income.

"Creating new rural areas and advanced new rural areas is an expansive and comprehensive program that encompasses the entire nation. The program reflects the profound concern of the Party and the State for agricultural matters, farmers and rural areas. The ultimate objective is to shape the countryside into a domain characterized by civilization, cleanliness and beauty, equipped with modern infrastructure, sustainable production, a commodity-oriented approach, and an ever-improving material and spiritual life for its residents. This vision is not exclusive to Binh Luc but resonates throughout the entirety of Ha Nam province," asserted Mr. Le Xuan Huy.

By Tung Lam, Vietnam Business Forum