Transformation in Huong Lam Mountainous Border Commune

1:35:19 PM | 11/15/2023

Huong Lam commune, situated in the Huong Khe district of Ha Tinh province, is nestled within a small valley in the Ngan Sau River basin, encircled by imposing mountains on all sides; a challenging terrain. Spanning over 17,000 hectares, this commune boasts an intricate network of watercourses and forests, making the journey to attain new rural development standards a formidable undertaking.

The accomplishment of the new rural development standard by Huong Lam Commune stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of its governing bodies and residents

In a recent development, Huong Lam commune has officially announced its achievement of the new rural development standards. This significant milestone stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of its governing bodies and residents in elevating one of the most disadvantaged communes within the mountainous Huong Khe district to meet these rigorous standards.

Huong Lam commune is presently home to 12 villages, housing nearly 1,700 households and a population of 5,726 residents, with 711 Catholic households accounting for 43.4% of the populace. The complex topography, soil conditions, and prevalent poverty in the area have posed substantial challenges to the process of new rural development in Huong Lam.

As of 2022, the commune still grappled with nine challenging criteria: urban planning, transportation infrastructure, rural commerce facilities, cultural amenities, educational institutions, environmental conditions, food safety, and model residential areas. These demanding criteria necessitated significant resources. Faced with these challenges, the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee introduced multiple solutions to systematically address these difficulties, while the District People's Committee allocated priority resources to enable the commune to meet the new rural development criteria.

Furthermore, Huong Lam commune received vital support from the Steering Committee, the Provincial People's Committee, provincial departments, the District People's Committee, and district agencies, particularly benefiting from both spiritual and material assistance according to Decision 834/QD-UBND of the Provincial People's Committee.

After tireless efforts by provincial and local agencies, as well as the committed residents, Huong Lam commune officially declared its achievement of the new rural development standards on October 15. Presently, the commune boasts five cooperatives, 11 entrepreneurial teams, and three companies. With 76 economic models in place, including one large model (with revenues exceeding VND1 billion), one medium model (generating VND501 million to less than VND1 billion in revenue), and 74 small models (with less than VND100 million in revenue), Huong Lam is making impressive strides. Three residential areas have received certification for meeting new rural development standards, and approximately 90% of housing complies with the Ministry of Construction's stipulated standards. The per capita income has reached VND39.6 million per year.

On its path toward achieving the status of a new rural area, Huong Lam commune benefits from the support of central and local agencies, including financial assistance from Ha Tinh Police (VND2.57 billion), the Provincial Military Command (VND889.3 million), the Ha Tinh Farmers' Association (VND648 million), and Ha Tinh Radio and Television Station (VND519 million).

Huong Lam commune has been skillfully directed, supported, and guided by provincial agencies, leading to these significant accomplishments.

The new rural construction movement within Huong Lam commune has borne fruit as local residents have embraced their roles and responsibilities within this initiative. According to the Huong Lam Fatherland Front, villagers actively participate in new rural development projects during weekends. Children partake in street cleaning efforts, young men engage in the construction of essential infrastructure, and the elderly tend to the well-being of trees.

Mr. Nguyen The Hung, Secretary of the Huong Lam Party Committee, aptly asserts that the journey of new rural construction in Huong Lam may have a starting point, but it knows no end. Consequently, local officials and residents must remain unwavering in their determination to achieve ever-better results. Furthermore, the commune remains committed to refining its criteria and aspires to attain advanced new rural development standards, all while enhancing the quality of life, both material and spiritual, for its residents in this border commune. Additionally, it remains steadfast in its crucial duty of upholding the security and integrity of the borderlands.

By Dan Bao, Vietnam Business Forum