SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2023: Elevating Customer-Centric Packaging Design in Vietnam through Collaboration with Emerging Designers

9:26:12 AM | 11/15/2023

Ho Chi Minh City, November 14, 2023 – The SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2023 - Vietnam competition reached its culmination after a three-month journey, with over 97 submissions received from universities and colleges across the nation. Out of this competitive pool, ten exceptional teams emerged as finalists, each presenting innovative ideas under the theme “Possibilities for the Betterment” with a focus on “Sales-Promoting Packaging”.

Through the competition, SCGP expects to highlight the thriving talent within Vietnam and underscores SCGP's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of packaging innovation. After the thrilling final round, Team Scoopy from University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City, the owner of Tet Seed Gift Box named “Giao”, claimed the top prize with their groundbreaking concept, which was inspired by the iconic wedding palanquin in the painting “Mouse Wedding”, earning praise from industry experts for their dedicated and insightful presentation.

The SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2023 – Vietnam competition stands as a cornerstone in SCGP's persistent commitment to promoting innovative products and services within the regions it operates, steadfastly inspires the new way of living to enrich lifestyle of people, society and environment while placing emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects. Furthermore, this competition serves as an invaluable source of inspiration for students passionate about packaging design, offering them a distinguished platform to nurture and showcase their creative talents. SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2023 – Vietnam has sparked packaging ideas that help businesses expand their markets and boost revenue through product enhancement and improved customer experiences.

A standout feature of the competition was the exclusive seminar, a key highlight that captivated the attention of nearly 200 attendees. This seminar motivated participants to delve into the realm of packaging design and cultivate ideas aimed at effectively engaging consumers. It was also a knowledge-sharing platform where industry experts and young talents converged to explore the intricacies of packaging innovation.

Meanwhile, the competition's grand finale, held at the Greenwich University Vietnam, attracted an enthusiastic crowd. Attendees had the unique opportunity to explore the top 10 ideas exhibition, which showcased the creative and passionate contributions of young talents in business and sustainable development within the packaging industry.

Mr. Chamornwut Tamnarnchit, General Director - Duy Tan Plastics Manufacturing Corporation JSC (a subsidiary of SCGP), shared: “At SCGP, we proudly stand as a pioneer in the packaging industry, fostering innovation, unwaveringly dedicated to sustainability, and consistently contributing to industry growth. Via the SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2023 – Vietnam, we celebrate exceptional packaging designs and extend our recognition to the remarkable contributions of young talents. We see them as the future leaders who will guide our industry towards greater sustainability and economic viability. This event today is once again a testament to our dedication to shaping a responsible and innovative future for packaging.”

“Researching and developing packaging can truly distinguish a business from its competitors, leaving a lasting first impression as customers step into a store or explore a website. The final round's packaging designs have the power to become the brand's voice, and in today's sustainability-driven landscape, they offer unique touchpoints for businesses to connect with potential customers,” said Mr.Chamornwut.

This year's competition showcased an impressive array of submissions, each a testament to the remarkable creativity and innovation within the packaging design field. Among them, team Scoopy's project, a Tet Seed Gift Box inspired by Dong Ho paintings, received the first prize for its unique packaging shape that promotes sales and enhances brand recognition among art and culture enthusiasts. Meanwhile, team Lotus and Water Lily secured the second prize for their packaging IBRICK featuring collectible toy characters in a box, enabling visibility and potential reusability for storage, decoration, or other purposes. And with the potential to create entertaining games for consumers from post-product packaging, projects like the Hazimo dry clay toy set from team Meow, product packaging The Festa cocktail product from team Hai Con Ca Hoi Hoang and the children's clothing packaging solution from team 3 Chi Em tied for third place in the competition.

Ha Chieu Xuan from the Champion Team shared: “Winning this competition evoked profoundly powerful emotions within us, and it has encouraged us to continually craft packaging designs that not only captivate but also leave a lasting impression on consumers. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to SCGP for hosting this meaningful competition, which has not only recognized our efforts but has also fueled our passion to make a meaningful impact in the world of packaging”.

“During the competition, our team gained valuable insights, and we were especially impressed by the industry professionals who shared their expertise in the seminar. We're grateful to SCGP for providing us with this platform to showcase our skills and creativity,” said Vy Truong  from Runner-Up Team.

The SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2023 – Vietnam competition underscores SCGP's leadership in promoting innovation and sustainability within the Vietnamese packaging industry. It serves as a platform for emerging talents and highlights SCGP's commitment to shaping a more innovative and sustainable future of packaging, aligning with current consumer preferences for eco-friendly choices. For more information on the contestants’ packaging design ideas, please visit the website:

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