Viet Nam Becomes Biggest Importer of Argentine Farm Produce

11:15:53 AM | 2/7/2024

Viet Nam surpassed China to become the largest importer of agricultural products from Argentina in terms of volume in 2023, for the second consecutive year.

The Infobae and Acercando Naciones newspapers cited the Rosario Grains Exchange (BCR)-the most important grain exchange floor of the country, as saying that Viet Nam emerged as the largest importer of corn and soybean powder for animal feed last year with a combined volume of 5.3 million tons worth US$2 billion.

Viet Nam is now the sixth largest trade partner and the fifth biggest export market of Argentina. Meanwhile, Argentina is Viet Nam's third largest trade partner in Latin America.

The two-way trade rose from US$316 million in 2007 to US$4.8 billion in 2022 and the figure is expected to soar to US$10 billion by 2025.

Source: VGP