Keng Loong and Xen Muong Festival are National Intangible Cultural Heritage

9:29:40 AM | 2/21/2024

Keng Loong is an indispensable spiritual dish of Thai ethnic people in Mai Chau highland district, especially during festivals such as the New Rice Celebration, Xen Ban, Xen Muong, and Cha Chieng Ceremonies.

Thai people in Mai Chau perform Keng Loong during national traditional festivals. Photo: Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hoa Binh

On February 19, Mai Chau district held a ceremony to receive the certificates for Keng Loong National Intangible Cultural Heritage and Xen Muong Festival.

In Decision No. 3436/QD-BVHTTDL dated November 10, 2023, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recognized Keng Loong as the National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Keng Loong is a unique form of folk cultural activity associated with the existence and development of the Thai ethnic people in Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province.

According to folk artists, "Keng" means "knock", and "Loong" is a large, sturdy wooden trough with many years of age and a clear sound.

Keng Loong is the act of holding a pestle and hitting a trough in working, as well as performing rituals and beliefs.

Meanwhile, the Xen Muong Festival of the Thai ethnic group in Mai Chau district is a traditional folk festival. This festival is also an important cultural and religious activity for the community in the district.

Xen Muong Festival aims to pray for the water god to bless good rain, good winds, lush crops, prosperous homes, and peaceful villages.

Including unique social practices and beliefs of Keng Loong and Xen Muong Festival in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage list affirms the unique cultural identity of ethnic minorities in Hoa Binh province.

At the same time, this helps Mai Chau district have specific policies to preserve and promote heritage values, contributing to local tourism development.

Source: VGP