Fruit Exports Surge Sharply

11:20:37 AM | 2/22/2024

Overseas shipment of fruits was estimated at US$510 million in January, up 24.9 percent against last month and 12.1 percent against the same period last year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

The MARD will accelerate negotiations for the official export of Vietnamese fresh chilies and coconuts to the Chinese market.

With the possibility of Viet Nam's frozen durians also being allowed to be exported to China, the export turnover of fruits and vegetables in 2024 is forecast to increase significantly.

It is anticipated that four more products will be officially exported to China, namely medicinal herbs, coconuts, frozen fruits, and watermelons.

Viet Nam is expected to earn over US$6.5 billion of fruit exports in 2024.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan highlighted the importance of building raw material areas for domestic consumption and expanding them for export in line with market signals.

Viet Nam’s fruit and vegetable export turnover hit an estimated US$3.4 billion last year, surging by 66 percent year-on-year. Particularly, surpassing dragon fruit, durian recorded the highest export value with US$2.2 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 430.1 period.

The largest importers of Vietnamese fruits and vegetables included China, the US, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Thailand, the Netherlands, Taiwan (China), Australia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Russia.

Source: VGP