Emerging Energy Source at Cam Mountain

9:18:29 AM | 3/7/2024

The majestic Cam Mountain, revered as the Mountain God by residents of the Seven Mountains, stands as the highest peak in the southwest. This mountain, steeped in mystery and yet to be fully explored, is often described as sacred. From its towering cliffs, one can gaze upon an endless expanse, the most striking feature of which is the An Hao Solar Park Tourist Area, a shining mirror-like spectacle.

It’s remarkable to witness the transformation of what was once an arid landscape into a paradise of leisure and entertainment, nestled peacefully behind the impressive lines of solar panels at the foot of the majestic Cam Mountain

Breath of modernity

With a mission to ignite the flame of passion and the vitality of the technological era, the An Hao Solar Park Tourist Area, nestled in the heart of the lush countryside, has awakened the senses and revitalized every tranquil corner, blending it with the dynamism of the new era.

The An Hao Solar Farm not only provides stable employment for young, highly qualified and unskilled workers in the locality, but it also serves as a springboard for the green economy. It has witnessed remarkable development and extraordinary transformations on its path to renovation.

Most impressively, it represents a unique amalgamation, a clean, smoke-free model amidst industrialization, akin to a cool, green melody that enhances the beauty of the natural landscape and human ingenuity.

Each year, the An Hao Solar Farm diligently converts dazzling solar energy into countless streams of clean electricity, making significant contributions to the national energy source. This is a perfect, compelling demonstration of the convergence of two key factors: progressing towards the inevitable trend of global clean energy and maximizing the source of golden sunshine bestowed on the Seven Mountains region.

Embracing the energy of youth

It’s remarkable to witness the transformation of what was once an arid landscape into a hub of activity for vibrant young individuals. This once quiet operating space has evolved into a center of passion, drawing attention from educational institutions and adventurous spirits alike. Regardless of the season, be it summer, fall, or spring, the area resonates with the lively laughter and eager footsteps of students who flock here, undeterred by harsh weather or scorching sun.

As the youth of An Hao Solar Farm welcome a dynamic new day, a paradise of leisure and entertainment unfolds at the end of the road, nestled peacefully behind the impressive lines of solar panels at the foot of the majestic Cam Mountain. The atmosphere here is perpetually cool and fresh, filling the chests of travelers. The first sight that greets visitors is the poetic Thien Canh Lake at the center, likened to a sparkling jade nestled between heaven and earth. This captivating natural masterpiece, constantly replenished with clear underground water from the mountain, maintains its fresh green appearance throughout the year.

On the bank, a meticulously pruned garden system flourishes, with a variety of flowers and grasses blooming vibrantly towards the year’s end, accompanied by fruit-laden gardens. As you traverse each paved road, you will encounter a myriad of intriguing sights, from barns housing sheep, rabbits and camels to restaurant bungalows offering subtle local cuisines. A water tower, standing over 20 meters high with winding stairs, invites you to ascend to the top and take in the surreal panorama. For those inclined towards spirituality, a quiet visit to worship the Buddha’s natural rock hand, shrouded in mystery, awaits in a mango garden.

In an era dominated by social networks and an abundance of potentially harmful content, dedicating time to learn about a healthy lifestyle is not a simple task. However, a careful search for useful activities that steer clear of a meaningless virtual lifestyle can instill a love for life and a cherished appreciation for quality time spent with loved ones. An Hao Solar Farm emerges as an unmissable choice in the journey to adulthood, offering interesting experiential tours.

By Van Van, Vietnam Business Forum