Marico SEA Advances Sustainability with 1,500 Tree Planting at Ben En National Park

11:07:07 AM | 3/11/2024

Recently, Marico SEA has partnered with Gaia Nature Conservation to plant 1,500 trees at Ben En National Park (Thanh Hoa) as part of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. This initiative aligns with Marico SEA's commitment to sustainable growth and social responsibility, reflecting Marico’s core values.

As Vietnam aims for Net Zero by 2050 and pursues the One Billion Trees Planting Project (2021-2025), Marico SEA is proud to contribute to this afforestation endeavor by the government. The initiative at Ben En not only serves as a crucial step in creating carbon sinks to combat climate change but also plays a crucial role in mitigating the effects of natural disasters, preserving water reservoirs, and safeguarding biodiversity. Notably, this effort contributes to the conservation of the rare Erythrophloeum fordii, listed in Vietnam’s Red Book.

Celebrating the tree-planting festival, Marico SEA collaborated with Gaia Nature Conservation to kick off the forest planting season at Ben En National Park in Thanh Hoa province. Spanning 14,735 hectares, Ben En National Park is one of Vietnam's 35 parks committed to nature preservation and ecosystem protection. With 3,000 hectares of depleted forests and idle lands, Marico SEA’s contribution of 1,500 trees focuses on rejuvenating these forest areas with indigenous species, contributing to soil repair, woodland enrichment, and wildlife sustenance. This effort also leads to enhancing biodiversity, ecological and touristic value, and recreational significance.

To optimise the survival rate of the trees, Gaia, in partnership with the Ben En National Park Management Board, commits to ongoing care, monitoring, and protection of the forest area over the next four years, targeting a survival rate between 70% and 85%. Regular updates on forest monitoring will be shared transparently through Gaia's website and fan page to ensure collective tracking of the progress made.

Mr. Vineet Jain, Business Head of Marico SEA, stated: “Amidst global challenges, Marico is dedicated to sustainable development, which prioritizes environmental, social, and community concerns. Marico SEA is grateful for the Gaia Nature Conservation's support, as well as the efforts of all individuals and organizations working in this important afforestation program. We pledge to persist in our contributions towards the goal of environmental conservation, striving to create a more sustainable future for the Vietnamese community.”

During a dedicated forest planting day, Marico SEA members planted rare Erythrophloeum fordii trees, explored a thousand-year-old tree heritage, and gained insights about climate change from conservation experts. The day concluded with the Marico SEA team feeling more connected and proud to contribute to Vietnam's sustainable future.

Ms. Huyen Do - Founder & Director of the Nature Conservation shared: "Marico SEA is not just a partner; they are a crucial ally in our mission to protect forests and promote a greener Vietnam. Each tree we plant contributes to a better future for the environment, biodiversity, and overall forest health. Through our collaborative efforts, we aspire to intertwine the heartbeat of the forest with the people, forging a path towards a more sustainable future in Vietnam."

Van Luong (Vietnam Business Forum)