SeABank Three Decades of Crafting Culture of Connection

10:07:53 AM | 6/11/2024

“Clasping hands to forge bonds of affection and to shape the future… Love illuminates our path, for SeABank is more than an institution - it is a Family”. The harmonious strains of “Clasping Hands of Love”, a traditional song of SeABank, resonate in the hearts of listeners. Over the course of 30 years, this melody has evolved into a shared language, bridging the gap between millions of customers and dedicated employees. It is this culture of Connection that sets SeABank apart on its remarkable journey.

In 2021, on the occasion of its 27th anniversary, SeABank officially announced "Clasping Hands of Love " as its traditional song with the desire to spread the good cultural values that it has cultivated since its inception. This connection culture is built on the foundation of five core values: For the community - Consistent transparency - Common ambition - Burning aspiration - Forever sustainability.

Connecting life values

Throughout its 30-year development journey, SeABank has been positioned as a business that connects life values and brings good things to customers and society. Over three decades, SeABank has constantly strived to connect success and happiness to millions of customers and partners, thus bringing many benefits and prosperity to each person, just like the slogan "Connecting life values".

SeABank works hard to understand and meet customer needs, adding value to individuals and the community 

In cognizance of their requirements, SeABank has progressively engaged customers by offering a diverse portfolio of products and services, each tailored to cater to specific segments. A diverse array of international credit card offerings such as SeA-Easy, SeALady Cashback, SeATravel, SeAGolf, and BRG Elite have been introduced to cater to the varied preferences of our customers. These cards provide the convenience of making purchases in advance with the flexibility of deferred payment, all while enjoying a zero-interest period of up to 55 days.

For businesses, SeABank has also regularly improved products to offer the best financial solutions to customers. Many financial products are customized by SeABank for specific customer groups such as financing construction companies, granting credit to plastic producers and traders and launching SeABank Visa Corporate credit card.

Specially, SeABank has become a pioneering bank to deploy specific products and services for women, SeALady international credit card, a product for female business owners and SeAWomen loan products for members of the Vietnam Women's Union. This demonstrates SeABank's commitments to supporting women and making them confident and assured of using financial services.

During 30 years of persistently connecting life values, SeABank has spread good values when combining business with social responsibility, thereby connecting customers with the community. For every transaction of VND1 million onwards paid with SeALady Cashback credit card, SeABank will donate VND2,000 to the "Tomorrow Bright" Cancer Patient Support Fund to help patients with breast cancer. To date, the bank has donated more than VND3 billion to help many female patients with successful surgeries and return to their families after a long time of treatment.

SeABank donates three hectares of teak and acacia trees to Thanh Hoa province

Being meticulous in each product, specialized in each service and thorough in each transaction, SeABank has increasingly won the trust of customers. Since its inception, the bank has received the trust and companionship of more than 3 million customers across the country.

Bonding love - Connecting community

At SeABank, For the Community is considered its operating principle. A series of philanthropic activities have been launched on a larger scale to bring practical values to the community. Spring of Love, SeABanker For Children, Citizens Week, SeAGreen and other annual programs have created the unique culture of SeABank people.

In recent years, the bank has proactively carried out social security activities in many forms such as supporting poor patients, awarding scholarships, presenting charity houses, building solidarity houses, donating blood, raising charity funds for the poor, and supporting COVID-19 epidemic prevention. SeABank particularly cares and wants to invest in education and cultivate green seeds of hope. In 2015, SeABank established the Dream Incubation Fund to award study promotion scholarships to poor children with outstanding study records around the country. To date, more than 200 students have been supported by the fund with a total value of nearly VND10.6 billion. Especially, after 9 years of operation, 40 poor studious students have graduated high school and continued their higher education.

The SeABank Fund has helped over 200 needy but ambitious students pursue their dreams 

Besides, the green economy is considered an important part of SeABank's sustainable development strategy. Since 2019, the bank has handed nearly 300,000 shade trees and forest trees to Ha Tinh, Thanh Hoa, Dak Lak, Long An and other provinces. In addition, the bank has promoted waste collection and classification, planted more trees in the workplace, and presented environmentally friendly gifts to customers in a bid to inspire green life and responsible life with the community. To date, SeABank has donated more than VND200 billion to social security activities and was proudly honored as "Outstanding Bank for the Community '' for many consecutive years.

30 years of development with the slogan "Connecting life values" has empowered SeABank to reap "sweet fruits". At present, when thousands of employees are joyfully welcoming the bank's 30th birthday, every melody of the song "Clasping hands of love" is sung again and again. Tuned with the melody, the connection culture that SeABank has upheld for 30 years will continue to be scaled up and spread out will become a guideline for all its activities in the following years and beyond.n

Binh Minh  (Vietnam Business Forum)