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Investing in Cuba? Cuba open its market to foreign investors.

My private company have the mission of orientate the interest of foreign investors into Cuba, using a deep knowledge of the cuban market and its CEO structure. We facilitate the registry of foreign
companies here, and their daily representation.

With our experience of the cuban market and structure, we can match
any vietnamese industry or producer with the precise cuban importing company, avoiding loss of time and paperwork. Also, we can deal the set up of the vietnamese company on the easiest way.

We are seeking vietnamese companies who like to be represented in Cuba
for selling to the internal markets, or who likes to invest on cuban industries, tourism, factories, with full control of their capital and profits

I am very interested on getting your questions about.

Contact person ABELARDO MENA
Address: calle Primera numero 14114 en/ B y C Barrio Obrero
Business phone 5376990295
Country CUB

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