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FICOSOTA is a fast growing company, a manufacturer of home and personal care products, dairy food and snack food. Already a leader on many European markets, our company works hard to offer customers high quality products, effective decisions and excellent results.

The needs of our clients define our products development. Customer preferences guide our creativity and make us constantly modify our products to be able to respond even to the bravest ideas and constantly changing and evolving market.
The satisfaction of our customers is our biggest prize. A team from various fields ‘of young experts works constantly to make the life of the customers more comfortable, easier and calmer.
We always look for innovation and stability, we combine simplicity and progressive approach to develop a product with a character – our products are combination of tradition and innovation.
Stability, constant growth, ability to acquire the best practices and models from the newest and innovative approaches and implement them on the market is our talent and passion.

Company Ficosota
Contact person Ficosota Ltd
Address: 102 Bulgaria blvd
Business phone
Country BGR

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