Quang Nam's Trade and Service Accelerated

5:11:08 PM | 13/11/2008

Tam Ky City is almost in the middle of Vietnam. The locality is 70 km from Da Nang City to the south and 30 km from Chu Lai Open Economic Zone to the north. Tam Ky holds great advantage to develop commerce, service and tourism.
Phu Ninh Lake, about 8 km from Tam Ky City to the southwest, is a beauty spot with a natural water surface of 3,200 ha and nearly 30 islets, which form a very romantic scenery. There is a hot mineral more in the middle of the lake (with temperature of 60-700C). According to the statistics, the islets in the lake have 14 rare and valuable animal species like red-faced monkeys, wolves, Tibetan bears, chamois, birds, wild boars, iguanas and wild chickens. The province is calling investment capital for rezoning tourist site development and investment for ecological tourism, mineral bathing, recreation, disease treatment and sports tour.
Not far from the lake lies Tam Ngoc ecological tourist village which covers around 200 ha and is being planned to become an exemplary countryside tourist destination.
To tap these advantage and potentiality, the city will gear up the economic development with increasing proportions of commerce, service, industry and tourism. Tam Ky can exploit two tourism forms: Ecological tourism and historical and cultural tourism because it can open tours to the two World Cultural Heritages, My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An Town, in the province. It can also develop travel tours to Ky Anh underground tunnel, Bai Say Song Dam and Tam An (Champa towers).
The city’s commerce and service are strongly developed. At present, the city has new commercial centres like Saigon Co.op Mart Supermarket - a highlight in Tam Ky commerce and service development, Con Thi entertainment complex and Dong A eco-tourism site. The presence of modern facilities has created higher incomes for local inhabitants.
Apart from potentiality and advantage for tourism development, Tam Ky also holds favourable conditions to develop industrial zones and complexes with a land fund of nearly 1,000 ha. At the same time, the city is in the middle of Vietnam and near Da Nang International Airport - an advantage for transportation development. To sustain its position of Quang Nam Province’s economic, social, cultural, scientific and technical centre, Tam Ky has set the goals for 2008: Gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to increase 16.5-17 per cent, the proportion of commerce and tourism in GDP rose to over 57.5 per cent, industry and handicraft over 36.5 per cent and agriculture 6 per cent. The average growth rate of commercial and service value is hoped at 28 per cent while industry growth is 30 per cent plus. Tam Ky strives to become a second-grade city after 2010. The city now has some 130,000 inhabitants, who are expected to have income per capita of US$1,300 a year by 2010.
In the past years, the creation of a investor-friendly investment environment, the streamlining of administrative procedures and the quickening of site clearance are attributably prerequisite conditions to bring businesses to Tam Ky City. The city is investing to develop urban and rural infrastructure. Tam Ky is using its land fund to create investment capital for infrastructure construction. In the past years, Tam Ky always pays due attention to investing and upgrading its infrastructure, expanding residential areas and urban zones.
Chu Lai Open Economic Zone Authority is investing an eastern road system from Dam River-An Phu to National Road 1A in Tam Ky City’s section. This traffic system is expected to lay groundwork for the opening of commercial, service, financial, banking and stock centres in the locality.
Huyen Trinh –Ngoc Huong