Ho Chi Minh City At A Glance

10:06:19 AM | 6/5/2010

Ho Chi Minh City now covers 19 counties and five districts, the total area of 2095.01 km ², population 7,123,340, accounting for 8.3% of the national population. Located in the southern key economic and cities where economic activity is most active, leading the country on economic growth.
In the process of development and integration, Ho Chi Minh always affirmed as a center of economic, financial, trade and services in the country. In 2009, the city GDP reached 7.8% GDP per capita reached 46.328 million VND per person, the USD exchange rates, the average inter-bank at about US$ 2,606 per person. In addition, the rate contributed about one fifth the nation's GDP and one third of total state budget revenues, the city became the nucleus of key economic areas south - one of three key economic regions largest and also the motivation for the development of social economy in local democracy and the country according to the strategy of industrialization and modernization.

In 2009, industrial production value reached 181,893 billion city, accounting for about 42% of industrial scale of key economic areas south and approximately 27% value of national industrial production, total exports goods reached 12,124 million, up 1.3% compared to 2008. Services trade war high rate in GDP. The city is attracting foreign capital the most powerful nation since the Investment Law was promulgated. If in the period 1988 - 1998 the city had 786 projects with total investment of U.S. US$ 9540.7 million in 2009 to the end of the City 3470 project is to remain effective operation with a total investment of more than 27 , US$ 29 billion.

In parallel with industrial activities, commercial ... operation of the Ho Chi Minh City tourism growth. In the eyes of international visitors, the city is always a safe destination, with friendly travel products very unique. In 2009, the city welcomed 2.6 million foreign arrivals, sales reached 35,000 billion, up 13% compared to 2008 and is expected in 2010 will receive about 2.8 million visitors. Also, as a financial center bank in Vietnam, the city has always led the country in the number of banking relationships and sales finance - credit. Turnover of the banking system around the city 1 / 3 of total national revenue.

In the future, Ho Chi Minh determined to focus on developing key economic sectors, which focuses on the development of mechanical appliances, vehicles manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, technology industries ... high, while the import-export hub, with the country's tourist seaport system development. Especially the formation of the road transport system as Trans-Asia, East-West road ... will create conditions for economic growth city in later years.