Investment Attraction in Lang Son: Bottlenecks Need Removing Soon

2:09:52 PM | 2/8/2011

Possessing an ideal position for attracting investment capital for border economic development, the government and people of Lang Son province have made every effort to create a friendly environment to attract more investors in the past years. However, the development of border gate areas in the province fails to meet expectations in the current international integration trend. The outcome of investment attraction has not been as good as expected. What are the bottlenecks? What are right and appropriate solutions for Lang Son to step up investment attraction? Business Forum Magazine has excerpted opinions of officials and business leaders in Lang Son province.
Mr Ha Hong, Deputy Director of Dong Dang Border Gate Economic Zone Authority
In the past years, authorities in Lang Son province have made significant effort to carry out investment promotion programmes and apply incentive policies for businesses and investors but the outcomes do not match local potentials and expectations. One of major obstacles is the capacity of investors. They are facing up numerous financial difficulties arising from economic crisis and inflation. Hence, a very few businesses or investors intend to invest now.
Mr Nguyen Tai Duong, Deputy General Director of Dragon North Vietnam Automobile Manufacturing JSC
Infrastructure is a major difficulty in Lang Son province as it poses plenty of challenges against enterprises. Only companies with strong finances and determinations can exist here. To draw more investment capital, I think Lang Son must improve its infrastructure, build industrial parks and create clean land fund for investors to start their projects immediately.
Mr Huynh Van Long, Director of Bao Long Co., Ltd
The impediment to investment attraction is the very site clearance. Provincial authorities need to show clear-cut standpoints, support enterprises to deal with site clearance (even resort to coercive measures).
Mr Nguyen Ngoc Chinh, Director of Trong Tin Co., Ltd
In the past years, Lang Son province has adopted many incentive policies for investors but results are not as good as expected. One of the most important issues the province should consider is human resource. Most of the workforce in Lang Son province has not been trained and they cannot be qualified for working in industrial facilities, particularly high-tech or trade and services.
Mr Pham Van Ai, Chairman of Cao Loc District People’s Committee
Cao Loc district has attracted a lot of businesses, especially operating in industrial production, trade and services. Capable and determined investors are always enthusiastically supported with our best. Apart from general provisions on incentives stipulated by central and provincial governments, Cao Loc has its own preferences for investors.
Mr Vi The Hong, Chairman of Van Quan District People’s Committee
Truly, site clearance is a grave difficulty in Lang Son province. This is a sensitive issue for investors and enterprises. Authorities of Van Quan district have tried their best to do this. We are committed to supporting investors and businesses to create a clean land fund for their production and business activities.
Dinh Hien