Ha Giang Pharmaceutical Medical Equipment JSC: Creativity in Focus

5:09:27 PM | 2/8/2011

Ha Giang Pharmaceutical Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company, formerly a state enterprise, was equitised in 2005 with chartered capital of about VND three billion. By December 2009, the Company has entirely equitised state capital and adjusted its chartered capital up to VND5.6 billion in order to be active in finance for their business operations.
After equitisation, it was also the time that the public health sector of Ha Giang province started the tender of medical equipment and drugs to all public health centres. Based on the general trend of the market mechanism, the company began to approach business operation under the new mechanism, which requires managers and shareholders to be active and creative to operate appropriately under the development trend of market mechanisms.
Facing these challenges, many solutions have been deployed to help the company develop steadily. Regarding human factors, all managers and staff heighten their sense of responsibility, constantly improve their professional capabilities and actively study and apply science and technology. The company operates a priority policy to support its staff, particularly young staff, to be trained. Thus, by 2011, of all 59 officials and staff, over 20 percent have university or college degrees.
To solve the difficulty in capital sources, the company has been taking steps to mobilise all forms of loans, such as loans from officials and staff, loans from its partners and from banks. In addition, the Company follows strictly the rules on expertise, implements national policies on drugs, and intensifies collaboration with public health organisations and consumers to create trust and build partnerships for co-development.
Currently, the Company is consolidating and improving the efficiency of sales networks, expanding markets, and promoting its advantages as an experienced and reliable business. “To serve well is to run business well, running business is to serve” requires respecting and protecting the rights of customers. Currently, the Company has two pharmaceutical stores with 25 direct sub-stalls and pharmacist’s, and 61 primary dealers in the remote and mountainous regions and communal health stations. In 2011, the company will build an additional GDP warehouse, and the central stalls for wholesale and retail sale at the company’s office to GPP standards.
Currently the distribution network of the company includes: wholesale of goods mostly involved in or winning bids to provide state public health centres in the province; and  retail sale of goods including pharmacist’s, sub-drug stalls and dealers serving medical supply and drug consumption in primary health care for people.

From these efforts, over the years the company has always achieved growth of 10 to 12 percent per year. All the duties of state budget revenues payment and charges have been fully completed. The company always respects and promotes collective ownership, and is active and creative in business operation.
Mr Nong Thanh Long, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said that in the coming period, the company will take advantage of all resources, bring in to play all strengths, improve its shortcomings, improve professional quality and ethics to ensure efficient services and business, and contribute to sustainable health development. However, besides the efforts of officials and staff, the company expects to have more attention from the province and public health sector, especially regarding the establishment of bidding mechanisms for local enterprises to enhance competitiveness with enterprises outside the province.
Trong Chau