DongA Bank - Binh Duong: Good Companion of Enterprises

5:29:11 PM | 4/1/2012

Since its establishment, DongA Bank - Binh Duong Branch (DongA Bank BD) has supplied most of modern banking products and services for individual and corporate customers and satisfied all capital needs of enterprises in Binh Duong province. As a leading bank in Binh Duong province, it plans to provide many new services, closely cooperate with companies to troubleshoot all difficulties and obstacles, and supply financial resources with the best service.
Best services to customers
Binh Duong province has the highest growth rate in the Southeast region. It gathers many best performing industrial zones in the country. Realising that Binh Duong is a potential land and DongA Bank wants to join forces with the people of Binh Duong province to spur local economic development, DongA Bank BD was set up. The branch meets the demand of individual and corporate customers for banking services in the province.
Since its formation, DongA Bank BD has provided banking products and services for individual and corporate customers in the province and met most of their demand for capital. Apart from the branch, DongA Bank has also opened new sub-branches and transaction offices in Thuan An and Di An districts in order to create favourable conditions for customers to access the services. In the middle of 2007, DongA Bank BD inaugurated a new modern office in the standard style of DongA Bank’s headquarters to better serve customers.
Speaking of the bank’s strengths, Mr Le Tan Tay, Director of DongA Bank BD Branch, said: Compared with other peers, DongA Bank BD is one of the first banks to make presence in the southern province of Binh Duong. With a long-term development orientation, DongA Bank invested in building spacious offices, advanced equipment and modern techniques in order to best serve clients when they come to the bank to perform transactions. Also compared to other commercial banks in the province, DongA Bank is the only bank here to have two branches, namely DongA Bank BD and DongA Bank Thuan An Branch. This facilitates DongA Bank to provide best services for customers in Binh Duong province.
In addition to investment for infrastructure and network expansion, DongA Bank BD is also a pioneer in developing banking services for customers. The bank has issued versatile credit cards for more than 250,000 customers across the province. Besides, DongA Bank has installed more than 50 ATMs - the largest owned by a single bank in the province. DongA Bank is also the first bank to supply automated payment service for electricity, water and unemployment insurance. With dedicated services and cares, DongA Bank BD always achieves higher annual profit growth of 25 - 35 percent.
In addition, DongA Bank has taken much effort to introduce banking products and services to all citizens and businesses in the province, and participated in non-profit activities to introduce banking services to customers.
Ready to serve capital needs of enterprises
Mentioning the bank’s supports for businesses in the past tough time, Mr Tay said: As Binh Duong is located in the southern key economic zone, DongA Bank BD is always allocated higher than average credit limits by DongA Bank. This makes the branch more active in meeting borrowing demand of local businesses.
With the philosophy of travelling with enterprises for a close long-term development and mutual benefit, DongA Bank BD actively explores difficulties and needs of customers to provide timely support and sharing for customers, especially in the current tough time.
With reference to social security and community development in the province, “Apart from doing business, DongA Bank BD is always active in community and social development activities like presenting scholarships for poor students to overcome difficulties, build houses for the poor, present gifts for orphans, support teachers, donate blood, etc,” said Mr Tay.
Speaking about the future development, Mr Tay said: Under the general direction of the State Bank of Vietnam - Binh Duong Province Branch, all banks and credit institutions are encouraged to develop operating networks to places without banking services in order to introduce banking products and services to the people. DongA Bank will continue to expand ATM, transaction office networks to serve the people in the province. The lender will also develop more new banking products and services and stay side by side with enterprises. DongA Bank BD will focus on developing high-quality human resources and take part in social and community development activities.
With an enthusiastic and friendly workforce, DongA Bank BD always pleases all customers. 

Phu Dao