Hau Giang Food JSC Boasting Dynamic Growth

9:40:02 PM | 24/3/2012

A period of three years is not long for an economic institution but it is enough to gauge its professionalism and reputation, which are very important to dynamic frontier companies. Hau Giang Food Joint Stock Company is a typical example.
Set up in June 2008, the company has demonstrated its role and position on the market. It not only completes its tasks on business front but also actively takes part in social development activities.
 With its start-up advantages of capital and personnel, the company has closely coordinated with the agricultural sector of Hau Giang province to develop rice fields.
In 2011, the firm sold more than 110,000 tonnes, of which exports accounted for more than 60 percent and generated over US$31 million. It paid more than VND8 billion to the State Budget. In addition to exploiting traditional export markets like Singapore and Hong Kong, Hau Giang Food Joint Stock Company effectively expanded to new markets like South Korea and the Middle East. Additionally, domestic sales accounted for nearly 40 percent of its output.
As a big company, Hau Giang Food always exercises corporate social responsibility. It completed price-stabilising tasks in Hau Giang province and neighbouring localities. It also carried out social security and support programmes to help unlucky people to enjoy a better life. The company had donated over VND500 million to charitable funds in the province.
The today success is accrued from human resources. The company strives to generate a synergy of all individuals and divisions. It regularly sends its employees to training courses to foster their professional knowledge and skills. Hence, the company completes all development targets.
To purchase more rice from farmers, Hau Giang Food Joint Stock Company is building a new barn capable of storing 60,000 tonnes, which is expected to be put into operation in 2015. Once operated, this facility will become a stronger driving force for the agricultural development.
Minh Tuan