Ha Giang Has New Border Gate Economic Zone

1:51:09 PM | 18/4/2012

The Prime Minister has approved the master plan for Thanh Thuy border gate economic zone in Vị Xuyen district, in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang, by 2030.
A ceremony was held at Thanh Thuy border gate on April 16 to announce the decision.
The zone which covers seven communes, borders Wenshan , Yunnan province, to the north, with a 26 km-long border.
The 28,781 ha economic zone is a combination of such sectors as trade, service, industry and agroforestry.
It will act as an international trade gateway and a bridge linking China’s Yunnan province and north Vietnam and ASEAN countries and northeast Asia.
The Government said Thanh Thuy border economic zone will become one of the economic and cultural centers of Ha Giang and will offer a chance for the province to rise out of poverty and integrate into the national and regional economies.