VNPT Hoa Binh Keeps Raising Values

5:19:34 PM | 6/3/2013

As a member of VNPT Group, apart from business activities, VNPT Hoa Binh Branch also actively implements public utility programmes and services in Hoa Binh province.
Not waiting for customers
As a major provider of telecommunication and information technology services in the province, VNPT Hoa Binh is actively investing to change its new business model to boost its autonomy. The branch effectively operates advanced next generation network (NGN) technological equipment system and flexible MAN-E optical fibre cable network; installs optical cables to enhance the quality and bandwidth access speed of services like FTTH, MyTV and ADSL; and diversifies services such as fixed phones, Gphone, mobile phone and broadband internet. Investments for service coverage expansion and the operation of 220 2G/3G base transceiver stations (BTS) have minimised service unavailability and communication failures. To date, all villages in the province have telephone services and all communes have high-speed broadband internet services. The branch has signed many cooperation agreements with other agencies and units in the province to offer preferential charge packages and special support policies for such customers as teachers, health workers and farmers. In addition, it pays attention to diversifying services, enhancing brand popularity, boosting sales and customer care, participating in trade fairs, organising mobile sales points, and opening sales agents and collaborator networks to bring VNPT services to more people.
With the “VNPT Smile” programme, VNPT Hoa Binh has brought positive changes to the awareness, attitude and manner of the staff. The branch’s transaction points are spacious and have enthusiastic staff to serve customers. All display the board illustrating the “eight service commitments to customers.”
To ensure competitiveness with big rivals in the province, VNPT Hoa Binh has restructured its managerial apparatus and reorganised personnel to enhance professional qualifications and give opportunities to young staff with good expertise. Particularly, the branch has made huge investment for improving the quality of tellers, upgrading service facilities, setting up hotlines for customers, and opening mobile sales points. It also quickly applies scientific and technological advances to business management and operation: building a data analysis programme, operating and monitoring a cable line management programme and dealing with breakdown reports, operating the AIS electronic document system, deploying AOMC centralised system software, and completing and commissioning websites for clients to look up information about services and tariff rates. These investments have boosted working performance, reduced costs and ensured competitiveness.
Good public services
While ensuring good production and business activities, VNPT Hoa Binh also effectively provides public services in the province. The branch installs fibre-optic cables and devices for data transmission systems of the Party and administrative agencies in the locality. VNPT Hoa Binh has actively encouraged its staff to develop infrastructure and IT networks in many districts and communes. VNPT Hoa Binh continues to serve as an information bridge for people to access new knowledge, and scientific and technical advances in farming and animal husbandry.
Taking the lead in social security in the province in many years, particularly in 2012, VNPT Hoa Binh presented gifts to children and students, supported charitable activities and gratitude funds with a total value of VND66 million.
Nguyen Hanh