Ninh Binh Concrete and Steel Co. - Leading Firm Expands Operation

3:26:22 PM | 8/7/2005

Ninh Binh Concrete and Steel Co. - Leading Firm Expands Operation

The Ninh Binh Concrete and Steel Company is a State-owned enterprise set up in 1992, primarily producing pre-cast concrete structures, centrifuging electric posts, construction steels and woodwork for construction works in Ninh Binh and other localities. Over the past 12 years, the company has developed its foothold in the market and has become a leading construction enterprise in Ninh Binh province. In recognition of its achievements, the company has been granted Orders of merit four times and many other awards. In particular, in 2000, the company was presented with the Labour Hero title by the State.

In 1999, the total value of the company’s products was put at only VND 68.7 billion (about US$ 4.359 million). This figure increased to VND 95.3 billion (US$6.046 million) in 2002. Last year it reached VND 108.6 billion (about US$6.891 million), equal to 113 per cent of the yearly plan. Total revenues reached VND 80.5 billion (about US$5.107 million), with the company contributing VND 2.36 billion (about US$149,746) to the State budget. Apart from producing concrete structures, the company has expanded its production area by 1,500 square metres to cast low-voltage electric posts. Last year, the total volume of concrete produced by the company reached 14,750 cubic metres, equal to 114 per cent of the yearly plan and up by 28 per cent against that of 2002. The company has used all transportation means to meet the demand of its customers. In manufacturing construction steel, since the Enterprise Law took effect, a boom in steel manufacturers has been seen, leading to fierce competition. Meanwhile, it has become more difficult to find material supply sources for steel manufacturing. The price of steel ingots is always high. Faced with these challenges, the company has guided its steel manufacturing section in taking many measures to increase productivity and product quality and reduce material consumption, thus lowering the price of its products and increasing its competitiveness on the market. The company has boosted the exploitation of local material supply sources. It has invested in upgrading its mini rolling line, increasing its capacity by three fold, thus helping generate more jobs for workers. The company’s capacity is now at 12,651 tonnes, equal to 106 per cent of its yearly plan. At the same time, the company has concentrated on upgrading models and samples of its woodwork products to find foothold in the market and generate more jobs for its workers.

To gain such achievements, the company has taken advantage of the guidelines offered by Ninh Binh province and the construction service. It has applied the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and launched emulation movements among its cadres and workers in applying scientific and technological achievements to production. The company has always followed market demand closely and concentrated its investment in producing goods in high market demand. These include high and low-voltage electric centrifuging posts with diameters of 190 millimetres and 160 millimetres. The company has always upgraded its product models to keep up to date with customer demand.

In 2004, the company has continued to develop its plans to expand into manufacturing high quality products for traffic, irrigation and electricity works, to meet the demand for industrialisation and modernisation of agricultural and rural areas. It will strive to earn a total product value of VND 108 billion (about US$6.852 million) and total revenues of VND 75 billion (about US$4.758 million) and make a State budget contribution of VND 2.3 billion (about US$145,939).

With its strategies of focusing investment on high quality and inexpensive products, the Ninh Binh Concrete and Steel Company has established its prestige on the market in Ninh Binh province and other localities, providing a solid foundation for the company to improve its competitiveness, thus making further contribution to the industrialisation and modernisation process of Vietnam.

  • Kim Vân