UNESCO Culture Week Takes Place in Quang Nam

2:29:34 PM | 1/7/2013

The second UNESCO Culture and Development Week was organised in Quang Nam province as part of the Quang Nam Heritage Festival from June 19 to 26, 2013.
At the event, UNESCO and Quang Nam province announced the results of their cooperation over the past decade, acknowledging the contributions heritage tourism and innovation have made to sustainable development. They also shared experience in enhancing the participation and benefit of community-driven tourism development, providing the rich experience for tourists and preserving heritages for future generations.
This week followed up the International Conference on "Culture: Key to Sustainable Development" 2013 where a lot of discussions on cultural roles to sustainable development, peace building, poverty reduction, social cohesion and environmental protection.
The “UNESCO - Quang Nam: Culture and Cooperation for Sustainable Development" Exhibition was a sequential event of the UNESCO Culture and Development Week in Vietnam, highlighting specific achievements in cooperation between Quang Nam and UNESCO over the past decade and evidencing contributions of heritage tourism to sustainable development.
Thu Ha