Petrolimex Vinh Long: Deserving Customer Trust

5:03:50 PM | 30/7/2013

Vinh Long Petroleum Company (Petrolimex Vinh Long), which was formerly Vinh Long General Materials Company set up in 1976, supplies petroleum products for social and economic development and performs political tasks in Vinh Long province. Since its inception more than 35 years ago, the company has always completed its assigned tasks and met fuel demand for personal consumption, production, political task, national defence and security.
To ensure local production demands, Petrolimex Vinh Long has increased investment for distribution network expansion. To date, the company has a province-wide distribution system, including one petroleum depot, 60 retail pumping stations, four general agents, 43 retail agents, six gas stores, one gas and lubricant trading shop, one petroleum equipment trading shop, and one Pico insurance agent. These facilities ensure enough distribution for the market in any circumstance.
In the past years, the company has made continuous investment for measurement equipment and testing devices to serve delivery and quality management activities. Every year, the company spends a large sum of money on expanding and modernising technical facilities to upgrade production capacity and enhance competitiveness. In addition, the firm has been certified ISO9001:2008 quality management standard and ISO14000 environmental management standard by QUACERT.
With the largest petroleum depot system and retail network in Vinh Long province, Petrolimex Vinh Long attaches extreme importance to fire and explosion prevention. Therefore, the firm regularly examines its facilities, coordinates with local police to ensure order and security and provides necessary for people near to its petroleum facilities. Every year, the company maintains and fixes its petroleum depots. It pays special attention to lightning system and electrical system at its facilities to ensure absolute safety of petroleum importing and exporting. When products are imported or exported, processes of the ISO14000 environmental standard and oil spill control must be strictly followed. Automatic fire prevention systems are also installed to immediately handle any flame.
Despite numerous difficulties, Petrolimex Vinh Long always successfully completes its business tasks and political tasks. In 2009, when the petroleum subsidy ended and petroleum pricing was based on market mechanism, Petrolimex Vinh Long raked in huge revenue on sale of 89,000 tonnes and paid VND65 billion to the State Budget, 6.56 percent higher than the full-year plan. In 2012, the company sold 83.5 million cubic metres of gasoline, 0.4 percent higher than the annual plan and earned revenue of VND1,666 billion. It paid VND73.5 billion to the State Budget and donated VND305.596 million to social and charitable activities. With its enormous effort and greatest market share, Petrolimex Vinh Long at all times plays a leading role in the local petroleum market.
Deputy Director Le Phu Quoi said the company expects the State will grant more power of autonomy to petroleum companies to help them operate at a profit and compete on the basis of market principles. The State should also review charges for land surrounding facilities because the company has to pay for it but cannot use it as registered. The time for registering land-use purpose changes should be shortened from the current six months.
Vinh Long Petrolimex is determined to become a leading supplier of petroleum, LPG and lubricants in Vinh Long province.
Duc Binh