Lao Cai Transportation JSC: Safety Is the First Target

5:38:19 PM | 29/8/2013

This is not the beginning of Lao Cai Transportation JSC's focus on building its corporate culture. For nearly 15 years, the company has created a brand recognized by the public. Mr Hoang Van Ha, Director of the Lao Cai Transportation JSC, talks about the process of building the company's culture and brand in the transport industry today.
Lao Cai Transportation JSC was established in 1999, based on the equitisation of State enterprises of the first pilot provinces, and is the first transport of Lao Cai. The company quickly dominated the market, and met the needs of the residents who have great demand for transportation because of the local features relating to tourism and travel gate. The practical needs of the market require the company expand its business type and scale. Since then, the company has had over 100 employees and is a multi-sector business, with its transportation vehicles are mostly imported and known for their good quality and convenience. Currently, the company is providing services for local and inter-province bus routes for passengers and tourists. Besides, a driving test and training centre of the company at Pho Moi Ward, Lao Cai City, is now working well and enabling a best and safest study environment; after 8 years of operating, the company has nearly 10,000 students enrolling in the centre.
Lao Cai Transportation JSC becomes the key transportation company of Lao Cai, contributing to the transportation network and a convenient and safe transportation system. Director Hoang Van Ha said, from the first day of equitisation, the board of directors identified the importance of human resources and from the key leaders of the company, human resources are seen as one of the determinants of the development and implementation of the strategies of the company. Therefore, along with investments in physical facilities, the company pays great attention to the training human resources to provide most professional customer services. In term of the personnel, the company's leadership requires the personnel department to focus more on the recruitment process, particularly in some of following requirements: high professional levels, honesty and good code of conduct, right person for right position, rewards for good officials but strict discipline for officials and employees violating company regulations and negatively affecting the company's image. The company also has policies which provide conditions for employees' to improve their education level and qualifications in all fields. Along with the above strategies, the company is paying special attention to service quality. Besides the promotion programs for customers, the company always gives healthy, competitive and reasonable strategies to provide the best benefit to customers. All feedback and comments are seriously reviewed and promptly handled by the company's leaders to ensure customers satisfaction.
According to Director Hoang Van Ha, the job is not only a responsibility, but also a joy, which is the reason he continues to drive the company to overcome all difficulties, to reap much more success and make the company's brand recognized by the people and become a reliable address for all customers.
Tien Dat