Bac Lieu Construction and Real Estate JSC: For the Development of the Community

4:44:55 PM | 11/9/2013

While the economy still faces many difficulties, banking interest remains a core problem posing challenges to businesses, especially in the field of construction and development of real estate projects. The Bac Lieu Construction and Corporation JSC is no exception. However, with enthusiastic support from local leaders as well as the flexibility of the board of directors and the strategies of developing suitable projects has raised the company's brand recognition and influence on the economy of Bac Lieu province.
Founded in 2008, the Bac Lieu Construction and Real Estate Corporation is a reputable and experienced brand in the construction and repair of civil and industrial works, irrigation, transportation, supply water, 35KV high voltage lighting system, especially investment in construction, residential areas, urban areas, commercial areas, industrial parks and tourist areas. Until now, many investment projects the company has completed have been put into use very effectively. Especially the projects at the Gach Hao commercial centre in Dong Hai district, the Hoa Binh commercial centre in Hoa Binh distruct and Kinh Tu market in Dong Hai district have made huge impact on the lives of the residents and local economy.
Under the current economic situation, the solutions introduced to minimize costs and improve quality of the works at affordable price are main goals for the company. Therefore, the company always focuses on the selection and implementation of projects in accordance with the actual needs of the local population. Currently, the company is investing in low-income social housing projects in remote areas, and commercial centres and welfare facilities for people in some districts such as Dong Hai, Hoa Binh, Vinh Loi, Phuoc Long and Hong Dan. Interviewed about these projects, the company director said: "These projects are not for profit, but the big earnings of the company are huge effects of the projects on people's lives and local economy." In addition, he hopes that these projects could get more support from all levels of the province government agencies to help complete the projects smoothly and achieve the social impacts efficiently.
The company's successes today are based on the efforts of the entire company staff, especially the director's role in searching for suitable investment opportunities and using capital flexibly to meet project schedules. In addition, Bac Lieu Construction and Real Estate JSC always sees prestige and quality as main philosophies for its businesses, which are illustrated through the investment projects of the company. With these philosophies, the company has overcome difficulties and grown sustainably.
Recognizing human resources as the key factor of the company's success, besides the business development, the company always focuses on providing professional training courses for its staff and a friendly working environment to stimulate creativity and promote the goals set forth by the company. Along with the full implementation of policies as regulated, the company pays much attention to the physical and spiritual lives of the staff. The company has a professional staff dedicated to its success. The staff sets good layout for the company's growth. In the near future, the Bac Lieu Construction and Real Estate JSC is planning to expand business to develop larger projects, search for new investment opportunities, and finish commercial and social housing projects for low-income people in the districts of Bac Lieu. Once the projects are completed, they are expected to have a huge impact on the lives of people and the economy.
Minh Tuan