Hau Giang Pharmaceutical: Always for the Community

5:02:41 PM | 4/12/2013

Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company was established in 1974 in U Minh, Ca Mau with the main task of providing medicine serving the battlefield. After nearly 40 years of development, Hau Giang Pharmaceutical has become a leading brand and the pride of the Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry.
1997 was considered an important transitional year of Hau Giang Pharmaceutical, when the company was known as not only a leading enterprise in Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry in terms of size, market share and business performance, but also a strong corporation for the community. 1997 was the first year the company confirmed its product quality through recognized international standards. It was also the first year in which company the company established and developed its extensive distribution network throughout the country.
In 2004, Hau Giang Pharmaceutical conducted equitization and listed on stock exchange floor at the end of 2006. These are two important milestones to increase its value and brand reputation not only in the country, but also in the international market. So far, in 2013, Hau Giang Pharmaceutical is still a businesses with leading pharmaceutical revenue in Vietnam with the vision "for a more healthy and beautiful life."
According to Ms Le Minh Hong, CEO of Hau Giang Pharmaceutical, the most important factor for the success of the company is right and clear business strategy combined with the determination of all the officers and staff under the leadership of a talented and enthusiastic captain, Ms Pham Thi Nga.
In recent years, Hau Giang Pharmaceutical has actively implemented charity activities, donating, sharing, organizing regular on-air programs such as "Doctor for everyone" and "Medical Bridge", to disseminate and guide prevention and treatment knowledge for people to raise awareness of health care for themselves and their families.
In parallel, Hau Giang Pharmaceutical does business based on its core competence of producing high-quality products contributing to improving people's health. This is the value the company has always stuck to and carried out throughout the years. At the same time, Hau Giang Pharmaceutical has vision, mission, and a system of core values to build a better healthy life for people. In particular, the company invests in research and development linking with practical application, and applies biotechnology in preparation to provide consumers with high-quality, safe, efficient and convenient products.
In addition, environmental protection is implemented in all the company's activities such as classifying solid waste and hazardous waste, carrying out environmental monitoring, monitoring working environment, building measures to prevent the risk of labour accidents, preventing fire, using clean equipment and technology, use environment-friendly canvas bags instead of plastic bags, planting trees around the campus to create a clean landscape and fresh air, etc. These are among the actions by Hau Giang Pharmaceutical to contribute to protect the health and human life, and to keep the environment green.
Ms Le Minh Hong said: "In the coming period of 2014 - 2018, with the goal of maximizing corporate value, Hau Giang Pharmaceutical will have many changes in organization structure, human resources, operating pattern and system administrators. One of the core strategies is to increase market share through consolidation and investment in developing the distribution system. Attention is also paid to marketing activity, exports promotion and investment in research and development.
For professional management, the company invests in science, technology and application of new model of governance. Also it carries out risk management and hires consultation. Cooperation and joint venture are also new directions for Hau Giang Pharmaceutical in the future to exploit its production capacity and advantages in distribution system, learn from experience and transfer technology .
In addition, the company will continue to implement activities to enhance social responsibility for the environment and workers, towards the vision "for a more healthy and beautiful life.”