Hau Giang Centrifugal Concrete Corporation: Sustaining Construction Works

6:05:00 PM | 25/9/2014

Thanks to the support and attention from the local authority of all levels, Hau Giang Centrifugal Concrete Corporation has achieved significant development. Regarded as a credible provider for key constructions, the company has been attracting a huge customer base both inside and outside the province, helping create a beautiful appearance for many buildings.
Founded in 2006, the company was the first unit in manufacturing and supplying pre-cast concrete products in Hau Giang province. Now with extensive experience, the company has bravely invested in modern equipment and production lines, as well as built up a team of enthusiastic and skilled workers to provide the market with reliable products with ensured quality and technical specifications to serve the construction of public facilities such as sidewalks, squares, parks and gardens.
In addition to the line of pre-cast concrete products such as centrifugal concrete sewer pipe, centrifugal pre-stressed concrete pole, centrifugal pre-stressed concrete piles for building foundation pressure, centrifugal concrete postal poles, the company also boosts the production of product lines such as paving tiles, adobe bricks to provide for the demand of traffic constructions inside and outside the province. All are products of the most advanced technology from the current construction industry development phase, produced on selected high-tech lines.
Operating under the motto “reputation - quality - effectiveness”, since its establishment, the company has continuously shipped nearly 900,000 products, distributed throughout Hau Giang as well as other provinces of the Mekong Delta. As a result, annual production capacity and sales of the unit keeps growing year after year.
According to Ms Nguyen Thuy Linh, Director of the company, to be able to reap those significant results mentioned above, in addition to the collective efforts of staffs and employees of the company, it’s necessary to mention the attention and support from all levels of Hau Giang authorities over recent years. Besides the mechanism of simplified administrative procedures, the local governments also effectively implemented investment incentives, thereby creating favourable conditions for businesses operating in the area to achieve positive results. The company has also proposed Hau Giang provincial authority to reserve an area for workers’ housing, providing them with stable accommodation so that they would be motivated to work for a long time.
In addition, Ms Nguyen Thuy Linh also shared that the company was a unit providing specific products and its products were of heavy weight. Each shipment often was about 500 - 700 tonnes. However, the industrial and handicraft complex of Vi Thanh City currently had no shipping wharves for businesses, making inland waterway transport difficult. Therefore, the company hoped the authorities of all levels would soon come up with a solution to deal with this problem to help businesses reduce transportation costs and increase competitiveness in the region.
Thanh Sang