Quang Nam P&T Construction and Services Development Company: Turning Internal Force into Strength

10:09:32 AM | 27/11/2014

The Quang Nam P&T Construction and Services Development Company (QTC) is a joint stock enterprise established in early 2002 in Quang Nam, with the capital contribution of the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (Now the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group-VNPT) and other legal shareholders. With long-established experience, a young, active and creative workforce, and complete facilities, the company is enhancing its brand and contributing to the development of the local economy.
With strengths in the field of construction and civil works of postal and telecommunication services, civil engineering, transportation, irrigation, and other works on radio- television, technical consulting, project planning, technology transfer in the post- telecommunications, electricity, electronics, refrigeration and computer science, QTC has become partners of the Mobifone, Vinaphone and other local companies for years. Especially, Xuan Xuyen Residential Project in Dien Ban district, Quang Nam is worth VND26 billion and on the area of 2.3ha; it is self-funded so the process of the project is accelerated to meet the deadlines. Up to date, 90 percent of the project has been completed and 50 percent of the project has been put into operation. The costs including design and construction are covered by the company, which helps minimise the total costs of the project. This helps the QTC to offer more competitive price than other real estate projects in the areas and attract more similar customers.
This success comes from the efforts and wisdom of the leaders in planning a long-term growth strategy for the company. The main philosophy of the company is to put the prestige and quality of the products at top priority to help the company overcome difficulties and challenges, especially during the periods of the global economic recession and frozen real estate market. Besides, the appropriate personnel plan in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008 is to help the operating mechanism of the company more streamlined, exploiting the strengths of each individual and creating breakthrough in the performance of the company.
The restructuring of the team of managers and engineers who are able to acquire, analyse and use experiences as well as apply new technologies. This create the company's advantages to bring many positive outcomes. Many young engineers are nominated to participate in many projects in the post-telecommunication sector in many regions of Vietnam; they also get involved in many management and technical works like consulting, design, installation, maintenance, optical transmission, mobile information systems, satellite operation, and Lan/Wan networks.
The QTC's management board also encourages the company staff to contribute to annual social activities of the province. Up to date, the company has completed seven charity houses for the people under the difficult circumstances in the province. With great efforts, the QTC is constantly receiving rewards of Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee and the VNPT. In the new period, the QTC is striving to push its growth rate to 10 percent in 2015 as well as ensure the living standards of the employees who have been contributing to the QTC since then.
Minh Xuan