Nghe An Attractive Tourist Destination

3:52:14 PM | 2/3/2015

With a long coast and a favourable transport system consisting of roads, railways and airways, particularly Vinh Airport to be upgraded to an international airport, Nghe An province is an attractive destination for tourists. Visiting Nghe An, tourists can not only swim at beautiful beaches but also join tours to Kim Lien village - the homeland of Uncle Ho, Hoang Muoi spiritual monument and many beautiful attractions. Nghe An is home to many historical monuments and landscapes as well as unique cultural works. The folk tradition of Vi Dam singing was recognised as the “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.” With these potential and advantages, the government of Nghe An province is focusing on sustainable tourism development and considering tourism a key economic sector. Nghe An has now become an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists.
Attracting more high-end international tourists
In the coming time, the province will increase high-end international visitors. Besides, the tourism industry must prepare to grasp opportunities of developing seaports, logistics services and support industries when foreign businesspeople and labourers work and operate in the province. The province will continue to strengthen domestic and international tourism promotion and cooperation by signing cooperation contracts with foreign tourism companies in countries like Laos, Cambodia and Thailand and effectively exploiting the “Four countries - one destination” programme. The province will speed up investment into infrastructure for Cua Lo to make it a popular tourist attraction.
The tourism sector will continue to uphold tourist product diversification strategy based on local resources and advantages like leisure tourism, historical tourism, forest - sea ecological tourism, and cultural and sports tourism. Nghe An is also developing MICE and event-based tourism and organising cultural and tourism events to attract tourism and encourage tourists to stay longer in the province. To promote tourism development, the province will continue to review and remove difficulties and obstacles and accelerate the completion of tourism projects, especially large-scale projects.
Impressive growth figures
By promoting potentialities and advantages and refreshing itself, the tourism industry of Nghe An has worn a new look: Higher quality, synchronisation and attractiveness. Nghe An is gradually becoming a centre of leisure and entertaining tourism of the country with a relatively synchronised infrastructure system, rich tourism products, and stable growing tourism revenue. Especially, in 2005, the Provincial People's Committee approved the amendments to the Nghe An Tourism Development Master Plan to 2010, with a vision to 2020 and carried out this plan for facilitate tourism development. The tourism development of Nghe An province has been stable for years. Annual tourism revenue grows 10 percent, domestic tourist arrivals increase 7 percent per a year and international tourist arrivals climb 9 percent yearly. Specifically, in 2014, tourist arrivals reached 4.5 million, of which over 3.5 million tourists stayed overnight in the province, an increase of 9 percent over 2013. International tourists reached 64,450, up 6 percent over the same period. Total tourism revenue valued VND2,381 billion, up 13 percent compared to 2013.
Tourism products are increasingly diversified, including premium resorts and spa services. In addition to organising events, State agencies and tourism promotion associations have pushed tourism promotion and introduced Nghe An province’s tourism image and brand to the world.
Ngo San