Restoration and Sustainable Management of Nghe An Forests

10:04:05 AM | 2/7/2015

JICA2 Project Management Board of Restoration and Sustainable Management of Forests of Nghe An (JICA2 Nghe An) was established in November 2012 with 7 staff members, 4 part time and 3 by contract. In 2012, JICA2 Nghe An Management Board reviewed the whole area, locating areas for forest development and bomb and mine clearing. The forest development areas are 1,200 hectares in Tuong Duong district, 1,000 hectares in Quynh Luu and 800 hectares in Tan Ky. The bomb and mine clearing areas have been re-adjusted from 2,300 to 760 hectares with 330.5 hectares in Tuong Duong, 165.2 hectares in Quynh Luu and 264.3 hectares in Tan Ky.
The plan has been re-adjusted and approved by provincial and central levels.
By June 2014, JICA2 Nghe An Management Board completed documents on forest upgrading packages. Bids were organized and contracts signed with Forest Management Boards of Tan Ky, Quynh Luu and Tuong Duong in late July and early August 2014. In Nghe An, forest upgrading can only be done in Autumn, affecting progress due to big volume and short period of time. Until late June 2014, the Management Board did receive designing and financing documents while the bidding was open to many bidders. As a result, until early October the bidding could conclude and contracts could be signed for the implementation of projects in mid October. As it was already late in the year, the project implementation was adversely affected.
In 2014, forest planting area attained 95 percent of the plan, while forest upgrading achieved 100 percent. However, the quality and efficiency in Step 1 were not high. JICA2 Nghe An has asked district management boards to strictly implement the projects in Step 2.
Networks of roads, guard posts, fire watch towers, incubators, information boards have been approved. Bidders will be selected. Supervision consultants have been decided as Tan Son and Dai Thang. Projects will be implemented under the supervision of consultants and investors.
Regarding 2015 plan, JICA2 Nghe An and district management boards have conducted surveys on areas of forest planting and upgrading for 2015 and following years, preparing infrastructure for forestry development and welfare, ensuring successful implementation of the projects.
Duy Binh