BIDV Hai Duong: For the Development of Enterprises

4:02:54 PM | 3/9/2015

Thanks to the advantage of being the first bank to be established in the province of Hai Duong in 1957, over the years, with its experience and reputation, the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Hai Duong Branch (BIDV Hai Duong) has been continuously growing, contributing to many major investment projects in the province.
Mr Nguyen Van Tuan, Director of BIDV Hai Duong, said that BIDV Hai Duong, sticking to the direction of the province, the State Bank and the BIDV, over the years, has identified that the main task is accompanying enterprises to contribute to the development of the local economy in order to create favourable conditions for clients to access credit sources in association with credit quality control. The BIDV Hai Duong also deploys solutions to solve difficulties for customers and handles aggressively bad debts in order to improve credit quality in branches in particular and the banking system in Hai Duong province in general.
Until now, indicators of scale and credit quality of branches are strictly controlled to ensure safe operation, steady development, positive support for economic growth, inflation control, macroeconomic stabilisation, solutions for difficulties in production and business and market support. Up to this point, the total mobilised capital of the branch has reached nearly VND6 trillion or 85 percent of the annual plan, while credit debt balance has reached VND5,100 billion and bad debt is less than 0.5 percent. This is an impressive growth result compared with other credit institutions in the province. BIDV Hai Duong currently has a transaction office network covering all districts with customer market share, only behind Agribank Hai Duong. The total mobilised capital fund accounts for 13 percent of the market share of all the banks in the province.
In terms of credit investment activities, the branch is giving priority in capital for small and medium enterprises, supporting industry sector, agricultural development and export. BIDV is one of the banks which implement the scheme linking banks with enterprises in the four-players cooperation. To support enterprises to operate efficiently, right from the selection and classification of customers, the branch has analysed, evaluated, and accessed enterprises through their legal profile and practical activities in order to be fully aware of their business fields and financial capacity. In the process of production and business of enterprises, the branch always accompanies them to timely remove difficulties and obstacles, advises investment orientation, supports enterprises with operating capital, manages cash flow, creates jobs for workers, and manages risk to have timely solutions.
Besides, the branch is particularly interested in investment in information technology, cooperation with businesses through multiple products and services, and reduction of troublesome administrative procedures to save time and effort for businesses. BIDV Hai Duong, for many years, has cooperated with the state treasury to implement state budget collection through banks and electronic tax collection. The branch also collaborates with the electricity and telecommunications sectors to expand retail services and utilities such paying electricity bills, water bills, phone bills, airline tickets online and automatic salary payment through accounts to create the most favourable conditions for individual and business customers.
With the results achieved in the last 3 years, BIDV Hai Duong branch has always been recognised as the most outstanding unit in the entire system. In two consecutive years, the branch ranked first and second in Hai Duong. Parallel to that, the Party's work of the branch is always clean and strong. The branch has been awarded with Competition Flag and many other honours by the authority of Hai Duong.
In recent years, Hai Duong has made positive changes in attracting investment. It is partly due to the influence of the Chinese market that has caused investors to turn from their country to Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia. Quickly seizing opportunities, BIDV Hai Duong has cooperated with Dai An Industrial Park to focus on fully investing industrial park infrastructure (about 35 ha) in order to welcome investors, especially Japanese and Korea firms. Until now, the occupancy rate of Dai An Industrial Park Phase I has been finished basically, contributing significantly to promoting the economic development of Hai Duong province.
In May 2015, with the witness of the local leadership, the State Bank of Hai Duong province, MHB Hai Duong was merged into BIDV, becoming Thanh Dong Branch of BIDV. Thus, at present, BIDV has 3 branches in Hai Duong namely BIDV Hai Duong, BIDV Northern Hai Duong and BIDV Thanh Dong with total mobilised capital reaching VND10 trillion, loans reached VND8 trillion with 3 branches grade I. Over 20 transaction offices, along with ATMs, POS payments, the Bank's network positively serves for overall development of the province and the system of BIDV.
Minh Trang