Dong Nai PCI Rank Climbs

2:02:44 PM | 11/7/2017

Dong Nai province is determined to improve its investment environment in a bid to shape a transparent and healthy business environment and better administrative procedures. The provincial competitiveness index (PCI) of Dong Nai province reached 58.20 points in 2016, ranked 34th out of 63 provinces and cities across the country - three places higher than in 2015.

In the past years, particularly in 2016, Dong Nai authorities have been decisive in their leadership, direction and administration to improve the business environment and PCI by launching action plans and programmes for enforcement of the Government Resolution 19 and for higher outcome of PCI.
In order to provide favourable conditions for people and businesses and better the business environment, Dong Nai province carried out administrative reform resolutions, plans and programmes from central to local levels.

Accordingly, the single-window mechanism has been applied at all provincial, district and commune levels. The inter-agency one-place single-window mechanism continued to be implemented to strengthen agency coordination to resolve administrative procedures for people and businesses. The province has also applied information technology to State management and public services, publicised administrative procedures on the internet and publicised them at working offices of agencies or units directly handling administrative procedures. Dong Nai has actively launched business support activities to promptly solve difficulties and obstacles against enterprises and improve investment promotion quality. Provincial and district-level authorities have made efforts to pick up the investment environment, raise PCI and facilitate economic sectors to develop production and business in the province.

Despite many drastic measures, Dong Nai's PCI performance remained modest in the past years. In 2016, it looked up only 0.41 points and went up three positions, ranked 34th out of 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

As soon as the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) releases PCI results in 2016, the province coordinated with the VCCI Legislation Department to assess and analyse causes of falling component indicators and work out solutions for better PCI performance.

Accordingly, the Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee asked relevant departments and branches to develop specific plans for every component index, actively inspect and supervise the performance of their tasks to make necessary amendments and supplements. The province has focused on reviewing processes of handling administrative procedures to reduce the time for settlement of administrative procedures, especially in such domains as land, investment and construction. It has intensified inspection and examination of public duties and administrative reform at provincial and district-level bodies, audited internal processes to perfect their performances. The province also requested all tiers of government to actively support small and micro businesses.

The province has publicised all regulations on order and procedures for business registration, business conditions, priority investment fields and restricted investment fields; announced five-year and annualised socioeconomic development plans, business support policies and programmes at the province’s websites to enable investors and enterprises to look up and consider investment opportunities.

The province has stepped up information technology application and carried out the one-place single-window mechanism; introduce mechanisms to inspect and supervise the settlement of administrative procedures for people and enterprises; reviewed and trained skills for personnel at one-place single-window units and rotate personnel; imposed strict treatments on individuals, bodies and localities who apply unlawful and unauthoritative regulations; and resolutely handled harassing and authoritative acts and authoritarian attitudes to people and enterprises; and at the same time, notified results of violation settlement to people and enterprises concerned.

Another solution of Dong Nai which is highly appreciated by people and enterprises is the establishment of a Public Administrative Centre in May 2017 to receive and settle administrative documents filed by people and enterprises. The centre enables applicants to go only one place for all administrative procedures to get done instead of going to many different places as earlier.

Quoc Hưng