Tapping Yen Bai Tourism Potential and Strengths

11:27:45 AM | 16/8/2019

Yen Bai province has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. The number of tourist arrivals in the province increases each year. In 2018, the province welcomed 560,000 tourists, including 25,758 international visitors, earning revenue of VND333 billion. The cultural and tourism industry strives to attract 700,000 visitors and earn VND420 billion of revenue in 2019.

In the past years, Yen Bai culture and tourism has produced impressive results. Cultural and tourism potential and strengths continue to be tapped. Local cultural heritages are invested for embellishment and value promotion, aimed to make tourism products of local identity to woo a great number of domestic and foreign tourists, create more jobs and raise public awareness of heritage protection and incomes for people, especially those in remote and ethnic minority areas.

Preserving, exhibiting and promoting national cultural values; and restoring and preserving relics have been a focus, to uphold local historical and cultural values in the course of integration and development. Yen Bai province now has 105 classified relics, including 13 national relics and 92 provincial relics. Every year, the province collects about 112 new artifacts, bringing total exhibits in the provincial museum to over 24,200. The museum project continues to be deployed. By the end of 2018, Yen Bai had 574 intangible cultural heritages, including oral and writing (27 heritages), folk languages (35 heritages), folk performing arts (63 heritages), social practices (317 heritages), traditional festivals (32 heritages), traditional handicrafts (42 heritages), and folk knowledge (58 heritages). In particular, the coming-of-age ceremony of the Dao people in Van Yen district and the dancing art of the Thai people in Muong Lo - Nghia Lo were recognized as national intangible cultural heritages. The province compiled documents for Thai dancing art to submit to UNESCO for recognition as intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Yen Bai is rich in natural resources, with a lot of potential for tourism development. Beautiful natural landscapes combined with longstanding cultural traditions have produced the province's advantages in tourism development, especially resort tourism, ecological tourism and community tourism, with geographic location advantages, diverse natural resources and unique cultural values ​​of Yen Bai province divided into four key tourist areas. The province has mobilized and attracted many big tourism investors since 2015, including Hoa Sen Group Joint Stock Company, Vingroup Joint Stock Company, and Chan Thien My Investment and Tourism Joint Stock Company.

Based on local tourism potential and strengths, the sector has actively advised provincial authorities on promulgation of specific mechanisms and policies for tourism development, stepped up tourism promotion; directed tourism and festival activities, and strengthened inspection and examination of tourism business activities. The sector has effectively carried out tourism promotion through mass media, regularly provided information on tourist destinations for travel businesses and tourists, and brought local tourism potential, strengths and images to domestic and international friends.
Hoai Nam