Intensive Business Support

1:02:21 PM | 16/8/2019

This opinion is shared by Chairman of the Yen Bai Business Association, Mr. Tran Cong Binh about operational directions of the business association towards becoming a real common roof to promote local business development.

As chairman of the Yen Bai Business Association, what do you think about local business development?

The Resolution of the 18th Yen Bai Provincial Party Congress (2015 - 2020 term) defined that “Enterprises play an important role for the province's socioeconomic development.” Accordingly, the provincial government has carried out many solutions for business support and development. Thus far, Yen Bai has more than 1,900 enterprises employing 60,000 workers and contributing over 50% of the province’s budget revenue. Local enterprises are currently engaged in business associations including 83 in the Yen Bai Business Association, 69 in the Yen Bai Young Entrepreneurs Association, 174 in the Yen Bai Businesswoman Association, and 1,350 in Cooperative Alliance.

In recent years, Yen Bai province has always been interested in supporting and providing favorable conditions for tax deferment, reduction and exemption, export support and trade promotion, human resource training policies, helping many local enterprises to live through hardships, gradually expand effective production and business. In general, Yen Bai province-based enterprises are mainly small and micro in scale, use outdated technologies, lack capital and have low competitiveness. Thus, they necessitate stronger support and assistance for successful development and integration.

In the past time, how have you tried to bring members, businesses and authorities closer?

We have gradually strengthened our personnel and improved our operating philosophy of devotion, responsibility and service. At the same time, we together with provincial and local authorities have organized many “Business Coffee” programs. Besides, we have regularly organized forums, exchanges and connections; offered professional training courses; and boosted branding, product development cooperation. Especially, the association has worked with the Party Committee of the Enterprise Bloc to advise provincial leaders on solutions to deal with production and business troubles.

What do you think about the current business environment improvement? What are “bottlenecks” that need to be addressed soon?

Improving the business and investment environment is a regular and continuous job with the true spirit of innovation, creativity, responsibility and highest determination: The Government accompanies the business. To this end, the current prerequisite is to promote administrative procedure reform; create stability and consistency of institutions and policy mechanisms; remove difficulties in tax policy, manpower training, trade and land promotion; and reduce informal costs. Improving the business environment and enhancing local competitiveness index will help strengthen business confidence in production and business investment.

What have you been doing to step up local startup process?

The Yen Bai Business Association has sped up the dissemination of business startup and innovative startup information and materials; coordinated with other authorities and agencies to advise the Provincial People's Committee on issues relating to the organization of effective startups, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) like support policies on business startup; SME support; human resource training support; and trade promotion. In addition, the association cooperated with local business associations, cooperative alliances and economic sectors to actively join in the “Business Coffee” Show chaired by the Provincial People's Committee; organize thematic training programs in order to promptly solve difficulties and promote exchanges, learn and improve business administration for enterprises.

Thank you very much!