Vina Solar Technology Co., Ltd - Leading Light in Solar Energy Industry

12:45:37 PM | 6/9/2019

Vietnam is forecast to meet only 30% of its energy demand by 2025 and to import energy in the future. Given this prospect, shifting from fossil energy to green energy is becoming increasingly urgent.

Being aware of that importance, in 2014, Vina Solar Technology Co., Ltd was established in Bac Giang province in a bid to protect the environment and improve community quality by applying clean energy and aligning economic development and environmental protection. Over 5 years of operation, the company has now become a stable international brand and a world-leading solar energy producer.

The shift to clean energy sources is an urgent solution for environmental recovery. This is a global trend of development and Technology 4.0. Using solar energy is one of the best solutions to protect our living environment. In order to pursue this mission as well as to improve competitiveness in the international market, in 2016, the management of Vina Solar Technology Co., Ltd decided to invest in Vina Cell Technology Plant to manufacture photovoltaic cells in Van Trung Industrial Park (Viet Yen). The company specializes in manufacturing solar panels and batteries for export to many countries around the world. In 2018, the firm made about 13 million solar modules and 625 million solar panels, valued US$623 million in total, up 36.1% year on year.

Grasping the right market trends and directing economic development plays a key role in every company's development strategy today. In order to prove itself as a sensitive enterprise in grasping new development trends, in 2018, Vina Solar Technology invested US$30 million in a power plant in Binh Thuan province. The facility was put into operation on June 30, 2019. The company focuses on making intensive investment, scaling up and increasing production capacity of the plant; strengthening cooperation for higher product quality to effectively meet increasing market demands. In addition, Vina Solar Technology Co., Ltd has a lot of medium projects.

Mr. Yang Yong Zhi, Director of Vina Solar Technology, said, “Vina Solar Technology Co., Ltd always strives to expand its connectivity with global partners sharing the same passion and ideals with the company. We are constantly developing environmentally friendly solutions with optimal finance and cutting-edge techniques.” With a reasonable recruitment policy, Vina Solar Technology has more than 5000 enthusiastic employees and experienced technicians. From its personnel and technology strengths, the firm is ready to carry out big and important projects. Since its inception, the company has quickly won the trust of partners around the world from the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

In recent years, primarily tapped conventional energy sources include oil, gas and coal. However, these energy sources will gradually be exhausted and cannot guarantee long-term energy industry for Vietnam. Meanwhile, energy waste in industrial production, construction and transportation in Vietnam is quite common and the demand for energy consumption is increasing.

With the vision “Building Vina Solar Technology into one of well-reputed solar energy producers in the international market", the leadership has built a sustainable foundation constructed on core values: Taking quality as the foundation to assert the brand, taking knowledge and creativity as the foundation for development, and taking responsibility, cooperation and remuneration as the guideline for action. These values ​​have helped Vina Solar Technology to constantly improve itself to become a professional and efficient enterprise.

With an appropriate management structure, highly qualified staff, advanced technical facilities and success in building long-term strategic cooperation relationships, Vina Solar Technology has made a lot of advantages in developing production and business activities. With a passion for research and development of clean energy applications, the company fosters aspirations and gradually realizes a big dream: Becoming a leading light in the clean energy industry in the world.


Son Tung