Tay Ninh General Hospital: Constant Effort for People’s Healthcare

11:17:45 AM | 5/12/2019

The greatest achievement of Tay Ninh General Hospital since its inception is having earned the belief and trust of patients and their relatives to become a trustworthy address of medical examination and treatment for local people. This success comes from the ongoing efforts of staff, doctors and nurses to study and actively deploy sophisticated medical techniques for better medical examination and treatment and fulfil the duty of protecting and taking care of people's health.

Health quality makes brand name

As a second-grade general hospital, highest at the professional level, Tay Ninh General Hospital has 700 beds with 30 departments (six functional departments, 18 clinical departments, three subclinical departments, and three logistics faculties). To easily apply new subclinical techniques, supported by JICA (Japan), the hospital has invested in cutting-edge medical equipment and systems, including 1.5 Tesla MRI machines, 128-slice CT scanners, automated biochemical analyzers, and Realtime PCR molecular biology analyzers together with strictly controlled, well-managed procedures to support best disease diagnosis and treatment. In terms of facilities, the hospital has put into operation a new building block, inpatient treatment area, high-tech zone, and technical logistics area - waste treatment helps to enhance operational capacity, enable application of new scientific and technological achievements to treatment, improve the quality of medical examination and treatment, and fulfill the tasks of caring for and protecting public health.

Together with synchronous equipment systems, Tay Ninh General Hospital has highly qualified, dedicated doctors and nurses. Carrying out Project 1816, the hospital actively cooperates with higher-level hospitals such as Cho Ray hospital, University of Medicine, Thong Nhat hospital and Tu Du hospital (in Ho Chi Minh City) to apply high technology to take on treatments which are usually transferred to upline hospitals previously, and improve the quality of professional operations. In addition, Tay Ninh General Hospital has also established a close link with higher hospitals and Tay Ninh Medical Association in Ho Chi Minh City to invite experts and professors to work with the hospital on a weekly basis, heading for a daily basis, to provide medical treatment for patients. These efforts have provided opportunities for its doctors and nurses to learn and exchange experiences with experts to raise their professional qualifications and healthcare for patients.

Strongly investing in human resources, facilities and working equipment, Tay Ninh General Hospital works better as a central hospital of the province when it successfully operates on difficult diseases to raise the cure rate for dangerous diseases and help reduce transfers to higher hospitals. Director Lieu Chi Hung said, in 2018, implementing the project on strengthening and improving operational quality in 2018-2020, it launched many innovations in medical examination and treatment for people, thus drawing more patients to it. Specifically, in 2018, its bed occupancy reached 764/700 beds, 9% higher than the designed capacity. Outpatient examinations reached 188,374, up to 38% higher than the yearly plan. Inpatients were counted 57,934, equal to 112% of the annual plan.

Service improvement - administrative reform

In addition to efforts for higher quality of medical examination and treatment, in recent years, Tay Ninh General Hospital has also paid attention to bettering the approach, attitude and manner of service to patients; forged communication skills and behaviors; taken patient satisfaction as the center of service, a performance measure of medical examination, treatment and quality. After having heart and lung disease treatment at the Department of Internal Medicine, Dinh Thanh Luyen (living in Tan Hung commune, Tan Chau district) very satisfactorily said, “I see the dedicated, thoughtful and service attitude of doctors and nurses at the hospital and their considerate and motivational activities for patients. Their good service attitude plus new, clean treatment facilities comforts me and helps me recover sooner."

Always placing patient rights above all, Tay Ninh General Hospital also harnesses information technology application, accelerates reforms, simplifies administrative procedures, and facilitates people to access medical services. To raise the outcome of reforms, it has applied the Hospital Information System Software (VNPT-HIS) and health insurance inspection software allowing computer interconnectivity and data sharing to ensure information technology application in medical examination and treatment management and health insurance assessment.

To increase convenience for patients, Tay Ninh General Hospital has applied automatic medical visit registration via smartphone applications and the Call Center at 19001849. It publicizes health service tariffs and insures patient rights, working hours, automated priority sorting, and contact hotlines for patients. It streamlines medical examination, reception, diagnosis, testing and prescription processes and steps. Apart from traditional ways of collecting fees, it also implements noncash hospital fee payment to help patients and their relatives save time for medical examination and treatment procedures while minimizing the risk (loss and theft) when paying in cash.

Director Lieu Chi Hung said, in the era of digital technology, reforming administrative procedures and strengthening information technology application has become an indispensable requirement to improve management quality and promote the inclusive development of hospitals. Successful achievements will encourage Tay Ninh General Hospital to carry out further consistent and radical solutions to accelerate administrative procedure reform, raise the quality of medical examination and treatment, and upgrade service attitude and behaviors to lift patient satisfaction.

Cong Luan