Striving to Improve People’s Health and Quality of Life

11:19:49 AM | 5/12/2019

In the past years, Tay Ninh province’s health sector has always worked hard to improve quality service, helping improve the community’s quality of life.

Up to now, 100% of health stations in Tay Ninh province have been built solidly with 10 - 15 functional rooms under the guidance of the Ministry of Health. All of the health stations have doctors; 100% of hamlets and quarters have community health workers, over 80% of them have received appropriate professional training and have been provided with village medical bags. All the communes, wards and towns have reached the national criteria of health. The province has piloted a model of family doctor clinics in 09 communes of 9 districts and city.

According to Mr. Hoa Cong Hau, Director of the Department of Health of Tay Ninh province, in order to improve the quality of care and protection of the people's health, in recent years, the medical facilities in the province have given priority to developing new expertise and techniques. Typically, the province’s General Hospital has developed modern diagnostic techniques such as 128 slice CT scanning, MRI, immunity; the specialized techniques in the field of eyes (Laser Yag), orthopedics (combining bones with the help of C Arm X-rays). Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Hospital has performed a technique of measuring respiratory function by an impulse oscillometry machine (suitable for children and patients in severe conditions); clinic centers of Tan Chau and Go Dau districts have developed techniques for laparoscopic surgery, artificial kidneys, and more.

In addition, Tay Ninh health sector also carries out several projects including: implementing a satellite hospital at the province’s General Hospital (a satellite of Cho Ray Hospital) to connect and provide professional support between the central and provincial levels in cardiology; establishing the Cardiovascular Information System (MUSE) to exchange cardiovascular information, support diagnosis and treatment support between the provincial level (the provincial General Hospital) and the district and commune levels; Implementing the project of setting up an online remote medical consultation system (Telemedicine) to support information exchange (mainly by pictures) for all fields among hospitals in the province.

Along with profession and technology development, the task of innovating the style, improving the service spirit and attitude of health workers towards the satisfaction of patients are also in the interest of Tay Ninh health sector. They have deployed these tasks to all health units in the province; contributing to building a beautiful image of health workers, creating favorable conditions for people to access quality health services, strengthening trust and improving people's satisfaction. The whole sector has also ensured a 24-hour hotline to receive and process people's feedback on the quality of medical examination and treatment services, and promptly rectify medical examination and treatment processes and improve facilities according to people's suggestions. Every year, the Department of Health examines and assesses the quality of hospitals as a basis for directing and overcoming limitations and weaknesses, thereby providing solutions to improve quality. The results of the hospital quality assessment have been improved each year (2016: 2.7 points; 2017: 2.9 points; 2018: 3 points); in which the content rating towards patients have also been improved each year (2016: 3.1 points; 2017: 3.4 points; 2018: 3.6 points).

In order to create motivation for development, Mr. Hau said that in the coming time, Tay Ninh Health sector will give top priority to solving the high-skill human resource problems, continuing to advise the province to have more policies to support specialized training and rare specialties for doctors in the province; at the same time, there is a mechanism to attract domestic and foreign medical experts to support the province as a basis to develop weak areas, especially in the field of high-tech and specialized medical examination and treatment.

Tri Dung