V’star JSC Promoting Internal Resources, Reaching New Highs

11:11:15 AM | 3/3/2020

V'star Joint Stock Company was established in June 2007. Through its 12 years of construction and development, V'star has constantly endeavored to overcome challenges to become a leading provider of resort, entertainment, convention and restaurant services imbued with the distinctive identity of the mountainous province of Hoa Binh.

Situated in the heart of Hoa Binh City, the capital of Hoa Binh province, it is quite hard to combine the tourism model and the recreational model if it is not done in a delicate manner. The bustling noise of an entertainment complex for a crowd will ruin the tranquil space intended for a high-class hotel and resort for select guests. But, V’star skillfully and artistically did it when it blended entertainment and relaxation. The hotel has 35 rooms, divided into four separate dwelling sections designed in the form of a resort with only 1-2 floor buildings rested in a green campus, surrounded by charming lakes, mountains and landscape. From the main overlooking window of the luxurious room, you will admire the marvelous scenery of northern upland flowers, the poetic beauty of the mountain peak at dawn. V’star Resort always invests in facilities, regularly takes care of hotel services, offers many new products of the most competitive quality and price to customers. Especially thanks to its favorable location, right at the heart of Hoa Binh City, V’star Resort has cooperated and offered preferential treatments for domestic and international travel agencies. Besides, V'star Restaurant is a system of three stilt houses where dining is offered on both floors, with a separate VIP space (serving from 4-20 people in a separate room) and a dining area for about 120 people. These facilities can serve up to 500 guests at the same time. Professional chefs can make European and Asian dishes, specialties of all regions, and locally indigenous dishes. V’star's Bar is designed in a modern style, including a 200-square meter indoor Bar Pub and an open-air outdoor Bar Café plus children's play areas, swimming pools and tennis courts.

Thanks to the subtle blending of ingenious entertainment and true leisure, V’star Resort has created mixed emotions at different times. And, no matter what your feelings are, V’star Resort will enchant you and make you want to come back.

In the Hoa Binh Development Plan to 2020, the Prime Minister also approved the Master Plan for Hoa Binh Socioeconomic Development to 2020. Accordingly, urban development is the driving force for development of Hoa Binh, led by modern green ecological residences and fresh living environment. This is considered leverage that gives a chance of development for vacation property in Hoa Binh. Impacted by the master plan for Hanoi region development and the strategy for Hoa Binh development to 2020, a series of real estate businesses have also invested and developed many projects in Hoa Binh province.

Quickly grasping this opportunity, V’star Joint Stock Company planned to implement the V'Star - Ngoi Hoa Ecotourism Area Project in the province. Mr. Nguyen Duc Thang, Director of V'star Joint Stock Company, said, “After doing research, V'star decided to invest VND125 billion in the project that covers approximately 200 ha after it got the investment certificate from the Provincial People’s Committee at the end of 2018. The company planned to develop the Ngoi Hoa Ecotourism Area Project in combination with local natural ecological conditions to protect and beautify natural resources and environmental landscapes, promoting socioeconomic development, ensuring clear legality to preserve the value of project products, and creating a breath of fresh vitality for the resort real estate market in general and tourism industry in particular in Hoa Binh province.”

Currently, the company has actively coordinated with local authorities to measure and count the project area and conducted land compensation and site clearance in accordance with the law; prepared environmental impact assessment report and carried out procedures for project implementation. In addition, the firm is preparing detailed design documents to complete construction procedures and submit them to competent authorities for approval. If the project is carried out and put into operation soon, it will be a high quality resort with a 5-star hotel and upmarket leisure services. V'star- Ngoi Hoa will become a tourist center of Hoa Binh Lake Tourist Area, a magnet to many tourists and one important tourist destination that leverages Hoa Binh Lake Tourist Area to become a national tourist site.

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