Lac Son Medical Center Building Patient Trust

11:05:10 AM | 4/3/2020

Supported and guided by the Party Committee, the People's Council and the People's Committee of Lac Son district, directed by the Hoa Binh Department of Health and related agencies, Lac Son Medical Center unites and promotes internal strength, intelligence and ethics of physicians, effectively applies scientific and technical advances, and builds patient and public confidence in the district and surrounding areas.

Carrying out Joint Circular 51/2015/TTLT-BYT-BNV dated December 11, 2015 of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Home Affairs, district general hospital, preventive medicine centers and communal clinics were merged into Lac Son Medical Center. Four years after merging, the center has increasingly improved patient care. The 184-bed center serves 184 inpatients a day, and sometimes up to 200 patients a day.

In 2019, the center achieved positive results. It always focused on directing and having many solutions to fulfill mother and child healthcare targets like supervising and providing technical support for reproductive healthcare, informing people to raise awareness of disease prevention to avoid dangerous epidemic outbreaks, vaccinating local dwellers without any side-effect reactions, and preparing human resources and medicines for disease prevention.

The center established a quality management and improvement system and issued treatment information leaflets for some clinical departments. It developed a diagnosis, treatment and technical process for some common diseases based on the guidance of the Ministry of Health. Its drugstores, materials and chemicals are arranged and preserved in accordance with regulations. Besides, it ensures enough beds for all patients to be examined and treated, and separate facilities for men and women aged above 13.

Lac Son Medical Center regularly inspects and urges its subordinate units and grassroots clinics to improve the sense of responsibility, service attitude, working manner, communication culture and attentiveness while avoiding harassment of patients and their relatives. The center runs a telephone hotline to receive patients’ opinions to timely overcome shortcomings in patient service. It also intensifies supervision of technical procedures at all departments to improve nursing work to minimize medical accidents, regularly checks medical records and patient care to address existing shortcomings to raise the quality of examination and treatment.

To ensure medical examination and treatment service for people, the center has constantly invested in modern facilities and equipment such as ultrasound machines, X-ray machines and endoscopic machines, improved professional qualifications for employees, attracted and trained talents to provide best medical care for local people.

Director Bui Van Vanh said, from the perspective of a physician, the talent of the leadership and the determination of all employees, Lac Son Medical Center always performs well its professional criteria, upgrades professional qualifications, improves treatment quality, effectively uses existing medical equipment, and upholds medical ethics and service attitude in order to build patient trust and satisfaction.

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