Hung Yen Electricity - A Key Industry in the Province

3:26:38 PM | 8/7/2005

Hung Yen Electricity - A Key Industry in the Province


Becoming operational on April 1, 1997 under the Electricity Company No. 1, Hung Yen Electricity has continued to grow strongly, holding an important role in the socio-economic development of northern Hung Yen province. It has provided electricity to not only crowded residential areas and industrial parks but also remote areas in the province thanks to the great efforts of its staff.


With the province's economic structure: industry-construction of 34.5 per cent, agriculture of 34 per cent and services of 37.5 per cent, this is the most favourable condition for the electricity industry to develop. Due to support of the province's relevant authorities, Hung Yen Electricity has upgraded and expanded its electricity network, in particular many 110-kV power transformer stations, 110-kV lines and 35.22-kV lines have been put into operation.

 Hung Yen Electricity so far has minimised electricity breakdowns across the province and gradually recovered the overload problem in areas of large-scale electricity consumption thanks to the application of many new managing equipment technologies. In 2004, Hung Yen Electricity cooperated with relevant bodies to put the 22-kV line of Giai Pham 110-kV power transformer station and the 22-kV line of Lac Dao 110-kV power transformer station into use. Last year, it also paid special attention to inspection activities of the network to ensure a stable operation and meet the electricity demand in the province, therefore, an additional 117 electricity works with total capacity of 75,800 kVA and 26.36 kilometres of medium-voltage lines became operational.

 Hung Yen Electricity has also tried its utmost to reduce electricity prices in rural areas, most communes in the province have access to electricity at the ceiling prices regulated by the Vietnamese Government to date. This is considered a great effort of Hung Yen Electricity when it is still facing a high rate of electricity loss caused by poor electricity infrastructure in many localities. In 2004, Hung Yen Electricity also received low-voltage lines to directly sell electricity to households in all towns in the province and two out of 10 communes in Van Giang district.

 With an average electricity output growth of 25.5 per cent annually, last year it sold 449.5 million kWh at an average price of VND639.99/kWh, meeting the entire province's demand. Mr. Ngo Cong Phuong, director of Hung Yen Electricity said apart from supplying stable and safe electricity to customers and receiving more low-voltage lines to sell electricity directly to households, Hung Yen Electricity this year targets to sell 580-600 million kWh and reduce the rate of electricity loss to less than 6.5 per cent.

  • Nguyen Thoa