Power Generation Corporation 2 Determined to Perform “Dual Tasks” Well

9:52:05 AM | 29/9/2020

Given the reemergence of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, Power Generation Corporation 2 (EVNGENCO 2) is resolute to perform well its dual tasks: Preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring the electricity supply for socioeconomic development and people’s livelihoods, especially providing safe and stable electricity for local production, hospitals, quarantine facilities and medical facilities for infected and suspected COVID-19 patients.

Ensuring safe, uninterrupted and stable power supply

In 2020, EVNGENCO 2 will strive to allocate 18,347 million KWH of electricity for the country’s socioeconomic development. With this output target, EVNGENCO 2 has launched solutions and thoroughly directed its member companies to ensure safe, continuous and stable power supply, especially for economic activity amid the complicated COVID-19 pandemic development. EVNGENCO 2 has proposed specific solutions as follows:

Strengthening technical management of generators to ensure continuous safe and reliable operation according to the direction of the National Load Dispatch Center, ensure availability of generators (e.g. thermal power units); carefully preparing fuel, materials, equipment, and human resources to meet requirements of the National Load Dispatch Center; carrying out projects to improve the reliability and operational effect of coal-fired thermal power plants, implementing a pilot coal burning program, developing an ash and slag treatment project and ensuring the environment for coal-fired thermal units; strengthening management and strict supervision to ensure progress and quality of repairing units; keeping track of hydrological situations to use water efficiently, following market developments to have the most optimal bidding strategy and working out response plans to ensure water supply for irrigation, agriculture and downstream livelihoods; actively preventing and quickly overcoming consequences of natural disasters, ensuring safety in the rainy season; and researching, developing and applying Technology 4.0 to production and business to improve operational efficiency and increase labor productivity, with focus placed on equipment maintenance and operational optimization.

Developing clean energy projects

To scale up and supplement development sources and create a foundation for continuous development, EVNGENCO 2 always pays close attention to investing in clean energy projects, mainly wind power projects and solar power projects.

It realizes renewable energy potential by investing in construction of solar power plants to complete power production targets, complete green development strategy and response to climate change in Vietnam.

This clean energy source enables the company to help the Prime Minister’s commitments on climate change to the United Nations, increase the share of renewable energy in the Vietnamese electricity system according to the Prime Minister’s Decision 2068/QD-TTg dated November 25, 2015, on the Vietnam renewable energy development strategy to 2030, with a vision to 2050, and the Prime Minister’s Decision 428/QD- TTg dated March 18, 2016, on the adjusted National Electricity Development Plan in 2011-2020, with a vision to 2030.

EVNGENCO 2 clearly defines clean energy development as a policy of the Party and Government. Hence, over the past years, it has actively searched for investment opportunities in this category. Up to now, the firm has launched investment in clean energy projects as follows:

Typical projects include Huong Phung Wind Farm 1, Cong Hai Wind Farm 1 (Phase 2), Rooftop Solar Power Farm at An Khe KaNak Hydropower Company (Quy Nhon City - Binh Dinh province), Quang Tri Hydropower Company, Song Bung Hydropower Company (Da Nang City) and Can Tho Thermal Power Company.

Besides, to modify current projects, EVNGENCO 2 has asked for projects to study biomass fuel burning solutions instead of HFO oil for S4 turbines of Can Tho Thermal Power Plant; launched procedures for planning Quang Tri Solar Power project; deployed additional planning procedures for floating solar power projects on lakes and reservoirs of hydropower plants like An Khe, KaNak and Quang Tri. Moreover, EVNGENCO 2 has taken additional planning procedures for floating solar power projects on lake beds of hydropower plants managed by other companies like Thac Mo and Ba Ha hydropower reservoirs.

Mr. Truong Hoang Vu, General Director of Power Generation Corporation 2, said, “In the coming time, all employees of EVNGENCO 2 will strive for effective business and ensure financial health; endeavor to achieve stable and reliable operation norms and improve production efficiency to reach five-year targets (2016-2020). EVNGENCO 2 will complete equitization of the parent company under the direction of the Government, the State Capital Management Committee; thoroughly apply Industry 4.0 achievements to increase labor productivity, enhance governance capacity, prepare best conditions to take over investment projects from Vietnam Electricity (EVN) like O Mon 5, Pha Lai 3 and Tan Phuoc thermal power plants. EVNGENCO 2 always strives to become a sustainable, environment-friendly and socially responsible company.”

Source: Vietnam Business Forum