Right Economic Reform Makes Breakthroughs

9:36:37 AM | 14/10/2020

To unlock local potential and advantages, Chau Thanh A district has adopted many consistent solutions to attract investment and actively supported enterprises and investors to improve business performance and contribute to sustainable economic growth in the past years.

Completing traffic infrastructure

Chau Thanh A was re-established in 2000 from Chau Thanh district. It is located in the north of Hau Giang province on the gateway to Can Tho City. With many important passing traffic routes, the district has a strategic position and is a key traffic and trade hub of the province.

After Hau Giang province was re-established in 2004, with a new role and position, the Party and the government of Chau Thanh A district focused on developing transport infrastructure as a driving force for economic and social development. Now, after years of being invested by the central government and the province, the district's traffic infrastructure has been gradually completed. Important passing roads include National Highway 1A, National Highway 61, National Highway 61C, Bon Tong - Mot Ngan Road, provincial roads, district roads and inter-commune roads.

In 2015 - 2020, Chau Thanh A district has invested in building 98 new concrete roads with a total length of 79.47 km (width from 3 - 3.5 m) and 78 bridges. In addition, the district has arranged VND196.417 billion to upgrade and repair many roads and bridges. Currently, the locality has no temporary bridges or earth roads. In particular, the Xang Xa No Canal running through the district becomes an artery traffic route for cargo shipping from Ca Mau and western localities of the Hau River to Ho Chi Minh City.

Convenient transportation support has enabled Chau Thanh A to unlock its potential to become one of leading districts in economic restructuring in the province. Specifically, in 2020, Region I (agriculture - forestry - fishery) accounts for 11.53%, Region II (industry - construction) accounted for 74.9%; and Region III (services) accounted for 13.49%. In the 2015 - 2020 period, the production value of some major branches (at current prices) is VND17,808 billion, reaching 137.37% of the plan of VND12,964 billion.

In industrial development, the district improved infrastructure and attracted investors into the 201-ha Tan Phu Thanh Industrial Park, where about 70% of rentable land has been filled, and called for infrastructure investment in Nhon Nghia A Industrial Complex (359.1 ha). In addition, more than 38 companies invested more than VND3,810 billion and US$110 million into industrial manufacturing and processing.

The district has also paid attention to urban infrastructure, trade and services. Up to now, Chau Thanh A has four trade centers, five shopping centers, and three rural markets with a combined investment capital of over VND300 billion. 5,269 business facilities can fully meet people's shopping demands for goods and services, estimated at VND4,142 billion in 2019.

In the 20 years since re-establishment and more than 15 years of development with Hau Giang province, Chau Thanh A has a better outlook, better living standard and better socioeconomic status. In the past five years, the district achieved total budget revenue of VND2,017.69 (131.36% of the plan of VND1,536 billion) and poverty reduction by 8.63% (115.06% of the plan of 7.5%,). By the end of 2019, the district had all six communes certified to meet new rural development standards, with one commune achieving advanced standards, and all four towns certified to fulfil urban civilization standards by the Prime Minister. The district also achieved new rural development standards.

Active support for business

Given locational advantages, fertile soil, abundant labor force and plenty of room for development, Chau Thanh A has boosted investment attraction to tap local potential. In particular, it called for investment, gradually modernized commerce and infrastructure, especially market networks, transportation and logistics services. The district has combined traditional trade with modern trade to form an effective network of goods distribution and service provision to meet consumer needs.

Chau Thanh A district will actively coordinate with relevant departments and agencies to accelerate site clearance, complete infrastructure construction, and attract investors in industrial zones. In 2021 - 2025, the district will put into operation Nhon Nghia A Industrial Complex and attract more projects to develop urban and service industrial zones.

Mr. Vo Quoc Su, Chairman of Chau Thanh A People's Committee, said, in recent years, the district has tried its hardest to build an image as an attractive investment destination for organic agriculture, high-tech agriculture and agritourism.

By restructuring crops and gardens, Chau Thanh A has so far had over 5,000 ha of orchards in Thanh Xuan, Tan Phu Thanh and Nhon Nghia A communes, Tan Hoa, Rach Gioi and Bay Ngan towns where a lot of locally unique specialty fruits such as Hoa Loc mango, durian, mangosteen and orange. The district has also built 46 geographical indication codes for growing agricultural products on over 780 ha, including mango, jackfruit and longan. This has helped build brands and create stable output for local fruits and exports.

In the coming time, the district will speed up investment for the development of large-scale commercial farming areas and production chains for key products. It will focus on expanding organic agriculture, applying science and technology, implementing advanced technological processes, and sustainable intensive farming measures. In addition, it will encourage agritourism development to add value.

“We will promote linking tours and routes to develop experiential tourism and orchard exploration; support businesses to invest in building farms and gardens with a complete infrastructure system, beautiful scenery and a variety of fruit products to attract tourists to visit, experience and enjoy local specialties,” he said.

To effectively carry out the above objectives, the participation of businesses is very important. Therefore, investment promotion and business support have always been highly appreciated and identified as key solutions by district leaders.

Accordingly, the district will focus on effectively applying preference mechanisms introduced by the provincial government, creating favorable conditions for companies to boost their business performance; strengthen cooperation with neighboring localities to search for new markets; assist enterprises to boost trade promotion; and create more jobs and increase incomes for workers, thus helping achieve rapid and sustainable local socioeconomic development.

“With the motto that business development is the success of the district government, we always support investors to study and carry out projects in the district. District leaders always see resolving hardships faced by enterprises as their job to be done promptly,” Su affirmed.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum